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» Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:14 pm
This time of year, trade talks can give you a glimpse of how Warrior fans value or don't value their players. Of course contract comes into play, and in most cases, it muddles our perception of we consider "good players" and "bad players" etc. Good contracts are great, bad contracts suck, but the thing is, the game of basketball doesn't care. There's still 5 guys on the court vs the other 5 and they need to work together as a team. Of course money factors in to how the franchise, coach, team and players operate and gameplan, but at the end of the day you still bring what you bring to the team and you still gotta perform, whether you're making 20 mil or 200k.

My list


David Lee
- See every Tim Kawakami article... lol . "The contract the contract the contract the contract ahhhh oh noo !! " Ok great, we get it. Thing is, $13mil for 18 and 10 dbl dbl machine, all nba 3rd team, leader of your team.... ain't too shabby. Early on, fans felt he wasn't earning his contract, and some have become stuck to that old, no longer relevant opinion. His defense...sure, it's a problem. But he did improve this year, and find me another 30 or under- PF all star type who can provide the versatility of David Lee and who's also attainable. Not a long list.

Klay Thompson
- Fans kinda have a love hate relationship with Klay. Love him when he's hitting, hate him when he's bricking. Thankfully, his game is more than whether his shot is falling that night. He's not a Jamal Crawford or Monta Ellis - who literally become liabilities at every other facet of the game when they're shot isn't falling. Klay is an above avg defender and also can do other things on the court that help the team win.


Brandon Rush.
- Yes he's a good role player on a cheap contract, but he is just that - a role player. Good defense, can hit a corner 3. Kinda more athletic Bruce Bowen. But not someone you'd ever want to
run your offense through and his basketball IQ isn't the sharpest. Good player, but truth is the Warriors were able to have a really successful season without him.

And there's a reason Lee's marginalized and Rush is a hero..... the contracts. But again, the game of basketball doesn't care. Lee is a better player and will help your team win more games, whether he's making $20 mil or working pro bono. A team should be constructed on those principles - basketball logic, instead of solely on players who have "the most perfectly valued or bargain contract in the history of the nba." If a WIN-NOW team is gonna trade a player, you better HAVE to make that trade or you better be getting a talent upgrade -- anything less is regressing.

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» Mon Jul 01, 2013 6:35 pm
Rush is didn't play last year don't think anyone knows his value as of now.

David Lee, thought things were going well with him on the team, then out of nowhere we are attempting to trade him for Bargnani. We beat a Denver team made of role players, who had their #1 perimeter shooter Gallanari out and that was the cause to trade Lee.

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