Playoff Debate: Bogut vs Ezeli

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Who do you want manning the middle in round 1?

Andrew Bogut
Festus Ezeli
No votes
Other (Lee, Biedrins, Landry)

Total votes: 7

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» Sat Apr 20, 2013 3:20 am
I don't really like the thread title, it should be more like, Bogut and Ezeli better than Ezeli and Biedrins.

In all truth, the team will need both, because I can see inside muscle being key for the team against Denver's inside athleticism. Bogut's intelligence is off the charts and I don't see anyone in Denver's bigs anything like that. The team will need to box out and rebound at their best and they have the tools to do it. One other thing that could be very much a factor will be fouls. Not only do I want to see the Denver bigs getting in foul trouble, but our bigs will need to limit their fouls, yet foul to the maximum when needed. I'm all for being physical inside this series on defense. Lee is not a goo defender, but he has some girth and strength to push guys around. Bogut is big and strong, as is Ezeli, Landry somewhat also. They'll need to use their tools to push the young Denver boy bigs around a fair chunk. Like to see them go for offensive rebounds when they're getting smacked well and good.

Our bigs are far better off playing skillful on offense, with some strength and smart and strong defensively, with Bogut's tough attitude leading the way.
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» Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:28 pm
If I was Mark Jackson, I would get a little bit erratic here. I would try to play Festus at the 4 at times and see what we can come up with. I would play Jefferson to guard Miller at times. Definitely have to use Biedrins at the back up center. Festus can play center as well, and Landry and Green will play power forward. I would definitely utilize Jefferson at the 3 more or even 2.

We are short handed here and we need to use all our players. Think about what a waste it is to have 3 centers when you can hardly use them all. If you have Biedrins, at least let him sacrifice his body a little bit each game rather than be stubborn. If they do hack a Biedrins, we can at least live with it and hope he makes 45 percent or more.

So without Lee, we need to utilize the depth at the center and give everything we got. That is 18 fouls we can use up, not that we want to. But in these few games, while we still have centers than play, that's why I'm saying try out Festus at the 4 and if that doesn't work, you have no option but to try Green. Landry will play many minutes certainly, but without Lee, our back up 4 is either going to be Green, Festus, or the new guy we signed from the D League. I would even play him too. We need to use as many fresh bodies as we can.
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» Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:23 pm
I'd like to see that lineup too, but it'll be tough if Steph keeps skidding. Bogut and Ezeli are both finishers; I still don't trust Bogut's hook yet, Ezeli hasn't shown any post game, and neither man hits from the midrange. You'd have a lotta defenders leaving those two open for jumpers on pick and rolls.

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