Game Thread: Warriors @ New Orleans Hornets 2013-03-18

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» Tue Mar 19, 2013 10:27 am
8th ave wrote:
32 wrote:
8th ave wrote:
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8th ave wrote:That's interesting cuz I noticed that there was a new guy on the road with JB a few games back. I know that Tim Roye took over road games for a little while, but I don't even know who the new guy is.

Anywho, Fitz was in Houston yesterday so I assume he'll be calling today's game too. Here's one thing about our broadcasters though: they are not biased. If they think the refs called a bad charge, they'll say so even if it was in the Warriors favor. JB is really insightful as well.

Bob Fitzgerald is the Warriors' play-by-play guy. He's REALLY good, despite local fans griping about homerism - take a listen to League Pass sometime and compare Bob's homer tendencies against San Antonio, the Clippers, the Heat... It's really quite tame, compared to these actual homers. Bob was the play-by-play man of the USA 2012 Olympic basketball team, so clearly he's got a great reputation.

The "other guy" was Glen Kuiper, who was called in as an emergency sub during Bob's family related absences. He's the A's play-by-play guy and he only has a job because his brother is an Emmy-award winning commentator for the Giants.

Fitz will be the voice of the Warriors for a LONG time. I see Jim having 5 more years, tops.

What!? Don't say that, man. I love JB. What makes you say that though? Just a guess or do you know something?

Just a guess, really. Jim is going on 69 and this season marks a quarter century he's provided color commentary for the Warriors.

You gotta believe these try-outs Tom Tolbert has been conducting with Roye on the radio side are in anticipation of Jim's fairwell tour. Barnett's also been on one-year contracts the past 5 seasons, making his departure seem like its gonna be any day now.

OhHH YEEaHHH. I remember now. I recall 2 (or more) seasons ago that Fitz got a 5-year deal or some **** and JB was only getting a year. I didn't get why that was happening but now it makes more sense. But fuk, man, that's gonna suck. I seriously will go to a Warriors game just to big him farewell. I really like him.

So Tim Roye is the leading candidate to replace JB?

Tom Tolbert is, from what I understand.

Roye will be doing radio til he's cold and gone, with that face.
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» Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:01 pm
Damn. I know Tom Tolbert has a radio show but I ain't ever listened to em. SAY IT AINT SO, JB!!!! SAY IT AINT SOOOOOOOOOO
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» Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:36 am
Another blowout on the road. Great if the team could play that way at home.
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» Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:46 am
8th ave wrote:Damn. I know Tom Tolbert has a radio show but I ain't ever listened to em. SAY IT AINT SO, JB!!!! SAY IT AINT SOOOOOOOOOO

Tolbert's pretty lame, I gotta say. He plays toward the cool-guy, valley accent persona way too much for a guy that isn't exactly old, yet clearly isn't young anymore. What was that old Doctor Evil line? "There's nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster."... Tolbert to a T.

I'd MUCH rather have them try to land Mullin, Richmond, Hardaway, Baron Davis... Any former player of merit. Tolbert's perspective never lands for me because he was a career scrub. At least Jim had a couple 16 point years as a starter. If it weren't for the gimmick that is Nellieball, Tolbert wouldn't have had a career.

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