Game Thread: Warriors @ Minnesota Timberwolves 2013-02-24

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» Sun Feb 24, 2013 4:16 pm
8th ave wrote:
martin wrote:
8th ave wrote:I'll take it.

we need it.

Why are you reading articles about ugly dogs. Lol.

Because even ugly need a solace of winning to make life less unbearable :wink:
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» Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:21 pm
Game notes:

- Ricky Rubio is a friggin machine. 16 points, 11 dimes, 8 boards, 6 steals, more whistles than 8th's avatar walking down the boardwalk. You talk about one dude I'd trade anything to get...

- Well, Guy, it looks like Kirilenko's crash landed back to normality :wink: 30% on his 3's, 13 points, a 1.4 assist to turnover ratio... Minny's big free agent acquisition has come a long way from his 18 point, 8 board, 3 block per game start.

- Jarrett Jack is en fuego, for real. 23 points, 8 dimes, and 5 boards. At the expense of drawing MORE hate for questioning our kids, any minutes he takes from Klay or Barnes at this point are welcomed. Dude is just fillin it up.

- 'nother day at the office for DLee: 22 & 13. Leads the L in double-doubles, leads the league in 20-and-10 games. Best Warrior free agent ever?

- The Ezeli-Biedrins duo has something to offer, but gets no love. 3 swats from the tandem in 18 minutes. Of course, its kinda hard to set the Landry toy down when he's 8-of-9. Another 18 & 9 from Dirty Landry; our bigs are just absolutely killers this year.

- Don't look now, but D-Green is a lean, mean glass-clean machine. 6 boards in 11 minutes, plus the rebound of the night to secure the victory! If dude would just quit shooting, there'd be NO reason to keep him on the bench.
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» Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:24 pm
Barely beat a below average team, but it's a win and the team desperately needs as many as possible now.

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