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» Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:53 am
Well, we have limped into All Star Weekend with 5 consecutive losses. We haven't made headway since our blowout in Houston. We'll have a week to regroup mentally and physically. I can't put my finger on why precisely the Warriors are struggling to play their defensive game or take care of the glass. I have a hunch that amidst the return of Andrew Bogut, the team has collectively lost a little bit of focus and urgency on the defensive end. Perhaps they are a little worn out and have put down the breaks. The All Star game could be a factor, knowing that it was just days away.

Now that Bogut is here, the team has to continue to defend the way they did prior to his return. Their rebound numbers are down, conversely they are starting to resemble the old Warriors. The passing has been careless. In todays game, you could sense their meticulous nature and that too might have costed them. Klay continued to bomb away and that didn't bode well. Also, I'm not so confident with Landry playing alongside Lee when matched up against bigger front courts. Furthermore, this team is fouling superfluously and not getting to the free throw lines enough themselves.

On a sadder note, the Warriors have got outscored by more than 10 points from opposition, all season long. This team is going to have to work together, focused, and aggressively. Not that this was a good thing, but ultimately losing as horrid as this, may have not come at a more preferred time than prior to the break.
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» Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:32 pm
Reasone for the skid? I got a few:

1, the schedule. 4 games in 5 nights on the road was bad news to begin with. Jackson makes no excuses, but rest assured: Phil Jackson and Greg Poppavich would have made that a huge point about that in the media. Sometimes, the schedule-makers beat you. It'll even out with our end of season home stretch.

2, the opposition. Memphis and OKC are just flat out better teams, Houston is a bad matchup (like Denver) cause they run and don't allow our defense to get set, and Dallas with Nowitski was substantially better than they were without him in the beginning matchup earlier in the year. Add in the above crammed schedule and it was hardly doable. You'd like to have seen wins against Dallas and Houston at home, but fatigue seemed to be in play.

3, the Bogut adjustment. Yes, he's an asset and the team will be better with him in the long haul, but he has played more with the team in actual games than in practices and they clearly don't know how to use him yet. A couple zip passes from Lee have bounced off his chest, he doesn't quite know where the perimeter guys like to set yet... It's just a comfort thing. We're watching him integrate before our very eyes.
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» Wed Feb 13, 2013 2:44 pm
U made some valid points 32. No matter how brilliant they are, I still feel that excuses can be made at any given time by anyone and that is why mark Jackson will not make an excuse for this stretch. Just nothing went right and everything went astray simultaneously. Plus, they didn't look cohesive. The warriors created enough of a cushion to with stand this horrific stretch, but they must get back to winning basketball once the all star break is over. And they are going to have to make headway pretty fast.

My primary concern is what these players will be doing proactively over the break to adjust and regroup. Bogut did say that he would be resting and rehabbing but the question is if the teàm will be able to train together to make the adjustments, especially with bogut now in the mix.

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» Wed Feb 13, 2013 4:03 pm
I don't believe that the team should be in panic mode; however, I do believe that the team needs to work harder in improving its perimeter defense, integrating Bogut better in its half-court offensive sets, and correcting David Lee's penchant for taking shots when he is being double-teamed instead of kicking the ball out to an open teammate immediately after being doubled.

I would also suggest that Ezeli and Biedrens, as painful as this is to write, need to continue to be in the playing rotation as backups to Bogut. Between the three centers, the team has 24 fouls to give.
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» Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:40 pm
It real this is the NBA, you have to come to play every game. Utah and Houston are knocking for the playoff spots.

The changes needed should not be taking lightly, defense needs to be better, ranked 26th in the league driving in the hoop as mentioned in the game thread by Martin. I know we are a jump shooting team but they have to attack the hoop, it opens up the floor.

They need to abandon the zone its not working.

We need to figure out how healthy Bogut really is, he needs to be more fluid, as his foot speed is really slow right now.

Overall the team just needs to be hungry like they were earlier in the season.

Not sure what is going on with Landry either, but he needs to get his mojo back.

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