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Which position has been the most valuable for the Warriors so far?

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» Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:51 pm
I used to do these back during the "We Believe" days and I thought itd be a fun thing to resurrect and compare. It's simply your midseason progress report on how the team has performed. What grade would you assign this team, by position? I'll start the ball:

Andrew Bogut, Andris Biedrins, Festus Ezeli

Expectation is the pregnancy of disappointment. Such can said regarding the center situation in Golden State. While vastly improved from years past, the hype coming into the season regarding Warrior heavyweights has fallen short. Andrew Bogut has already shown flashes of what will eventually be regarded as the best production out of the 5 spot Golden State has had in 20 years, but unfortunately he hasn't been able to suit up for more than just over 10 games. Festus Ezeli was billed as a force before the season and, through a combination of inconsistent play and unreliable minutes, hasn't been able to show us much thus far - even missing the cut for the Rookie-Sophomore game despite starting more games than most rookie centers. Shockingly, Biedrins has been the most pleasant surprise of the season, regaining a shade of his former form and rebounding well. Never the less, the center brigade has been largely bailed out by 4's sliding up and filling the void.  I look for the 5 spot to improve exponentially with the return of Bogut's minutes and hopefully some more development from Ezeli, but as far as grades, you can't really say the Warriors have gotten anything more than average production out of their 5's to start the year.

Overall Grade: C-

David Lee, Carl Landry, Jeremy Tyler

Led by all-star David Lee, whose pacing the league in both 20-and-10 games as well as double-doubles, you'd be hard pressed to find a roster with better power forward production than Golden State. Starting with #10, who has improved not only his usual strengths, but also his defense and his already-slick-passing, the Warriors have a starter-in-waiting on the bench named Carl Landry who adds a legitimate flavor to the mix in the form of unguardable single-coverage post scoring, not to mention better than advertised shot-blocking, and a work horse mentality that rubs off on the entire second unit. Tyler is simply an afterthought, as Lee and Landry are more than enough at the 4 and even when one of them slides up to center, Draymond Green has managed to tween his way to the larger 4 with famous results (most notably, a killer nose for rebounding). If it isn't obvious, it should be: the best power forward tandem in the league wears the blue and gold. 

Overall Grade: A+

Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green, Richard Jefferson

Largely a rookie position this year, Golden State's SF spot has been reliable even without Brandon Rush coming in for 25 minutes a game. Harrison Barnes hasn't quite thrown his name in ROY talks, but at 10 and 6 with solid defense and sporadically electric spurts of explosive offense and rebounding, fans are unanimously happy to have tanked enough games to secure him as the small forward of the future. Draymond Green has also been a tremendous selection, providing tough inch-for-inch rebounding and has everything but the name tag in terms of being Golden State's new enforcer. Green has garnered the reputation of a defensive irritant, getting in the face of established veterans, jawing at refs and opponents, and best of all, never backing down. Richard Jefferson may be living off his AARP card, but even watered down he still flashes moments where fans can see just what an incredibly gifted player he once was... Although he's also been prone to overshoot when he fancies himself as the best scorer of the second unit. If this were a rookie grading thread, the position gets an A, but overall, the kids are staying within their roles and the old man has done his part to chip in. Above-average start to the year with the potential to be much more.

Overall Grade: B-

Klay Thompson, Kent Bazemore

Sophomore slump and all, Thompson is still a gunner whom all teams write on their white board before the game. How many squads have a 2nd year player who can drop 60 points in 2 games as a third option? Finding a constant shooting stroke without the luxury of having all the looks that Curry or Lee get is a difficult task and although Thompson has had a huge string of ugly shooting nights, he's also set the net on fire, which is the nature of the beast. The bottom line is this: Klay Thompson and Steph Curry get the lions share of shooting guard minutes (key word being 'shooting') and they are 5th and 1st in three-pointers made per game. The difference? Curry is 3rd in the league in 3P%, while Klay is 39th. Overall, Thompson is an asset, a 16 point guy at nearly 40% on his treys, but he's definitely slumped enough to keep this grade from being anywhere near an A. Bazemore has been a nice addition and could use more minutes as the team's replacement for Dominic McGuire; the lock-down perimeter defender who has, thus far, only seen situational action.

Overall Grade: B

Stephen Curry, Jarrett Jack, Charles Jenkins

Much like the PF spot, few teams are as stacked as the Warriors at the point. The NBA's unanimously worst all-star snub, Steph Curry has emerged as the steal of the league with an $11 million per year contract while putting up numbers that only LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are matching. However, despite doing a better job than Monta Ellis ever did at disguising it, Curry can't break the 7 assist mark per game because he's actually a natural shooting guard. Enter Jarrett Jack; a floor general with vocal leadership and good enough size to guard 2's. Jack's 5.8, with Curry's 6.6, dimes per game add up to 12.4 assists a night out of the point guard spot. The Clippers, with similarly dangerous depth at the 1, get 12.7 assists between Paul and Bledsoe (but the scoring difference favors the Warriors' tandem, 33.7 to 26.3). Back to the assist category, OKC, likewise, gets 10.1 assists between Westbrook and Maynor. San Antonio sees 9.1 between Parker and Neal. However you slice it, the Warriors have a phenomenal twosome at the point and Jack has certainly been a catalyst to this offense.

Overall Grade: A-

Mark Jackson, Michael Malone

With only a small gripe about possibly taking too long to call timeouts, Mark Jackson has an excellent chance to win Coach of the Year if the Warriors' success holds up. Transforming the defense into a stingy, rotating, hustling, energetic foundation to this team's identity, after years of risk-taking, cheating, and phoning it in, is marvelous. Taking the team from dead last in rebounding up to the top 10 is pure wizardry. The offense has been praised by national analysts for its great passing and TEAM emphasized play; drawing comparison to the coach at the helm who always made the right pass out there. Even the X's and O's being drawn up by Michael Malone have paid off; as evident by the Heat game where MM's wizardry bested a career NBA stopper (Shane Battier). Jackson has been vocal, motivational, he represents the team famously and eloquently, and I am 100% satisfied with the job he has done, from handling the rookie, to managing Steph and Bogut's minutes, to forcing mismatches for Barnes and Landry, to recognizing his strengths by running options to Bogut and Lee... The pluses for Jackson are endless in my opinion. Easy A for the coach... MAMA THERE GOES THAT MAN!

Overall Grade: A

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» Mon Feb 11, 2013 9:03 pm
Has to be PG or PF as our most valuable position.

I am leaning towards PG because they are integral in running an offense. David Lee has probably been a top three PF this year and Landry has been huge. So it's really close.
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» Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:16 am

IMO, the top 3 is extremely close and the order is PF, PG, Coaching.
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» Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:42 am
32 wrote:Agreed.

IMO, the top 3 is extremely close and the order is PF, PG, Coaching.

Take out any one of the 3 and you have the old warriors. That's why I can't vote for just 1.
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» Tue Feb 12, 2013 12:12 pm
More importantly Midseason Avatar report.

8th Ave with the groundbreaking rump shaker... Damn bro. Where you get these from? Loving it.

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» Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:44 pm
I can never be mad at the females 8th selects.

The progress report is fair, overall Jackson has coached well, just lately not sure about his rotations.

Don't see no impact-full trades coming so warriors need to figure things out internally.

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