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» Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:39 pm
Blackfoot wrote:
Guybrush wrote:Those who don't understand them, won't read too much into it to begin with.

I just don't think that defensive stats are good, a lots of times people change their player after blocks and screens, and I'm not too confident that someone actually takes notice of all that happens on the court. Especially when NBA didn't pay someone to do that.

Synergy costs money to use and is very legitimate, and it's not like they have to watch every play and record everything, it's very easy to get the information. And I will give you defensive metrics for individual players maybe more inaccurate than other efficiency stats, but they are not inaccurate for team defenses/systems. Warriors are top nine in defense, you either think Klay is part of that or not helping, but the stats say he is contributing to that. Take that for what you will.

I'll trust you on that one, you are more into it than I am. I never said Klay is not helping on D...but from what I see, he is not great either. He bites a lot on pump fakes, sometimes opponent just runs by him, etc. He had his moments, though, I mentioned that when we played the Blazers. He defended Lillard the best in the end, when Lillard was on fire.

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» Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:53 pm
Fair enough
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» Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:10 pm
Blackfoot wrote:
8th ave wrote:
Blackfoot wrote:
Guybrush wrote:
rockyBeli wrote:Klay plays up and down....but that happens when it's only your 2nd season. But holy shi* can we stand by a freakin player instead of knee-jerk reacting to every few games? Insane the amount of hyper-reactivy I see from Warrior fans -- more so on other forums though.

Why is it a knee jerk reaction saying that he takes a lot of bad shots? He obviously does that, and we are fortunate that he hits them. I would feel stupid saying that is great, and when his shots start to bounce of the rim, curse him for missing. We just call things as we see them, no need to be quiet until it goes bad, but rather call it upfront so that it could be changed.

Good win for us. It's obvious now how much more Curry is important to this team than Lee.

His shot selection is pretty okay, ... 3;season=r

Most of shots are either threes (high percentage for him), in the paint, or a designed play to get him a wide open midrange.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't 50% percent in the restricted area WILDLY low? He's pretty terrible inside the paint, no? Also, just because the play is called for him doesn't mean he have to shoot it. He does well dumping it down low when his defender can't come off the screen and the big man comes out, but I'm disappointed in his ability to put the ball on the floor, passing, and shot selection in general. He's made LOTS of bad shot selections. Some of those even costed us games. I can appreciate Jackson giving him the green light so that he can gain his confidence, but sometimes enough is enough and you have to reign a guy in.

Lol, if the coach designs a play specifically for you to a wide open jumper, and than don't shoot the wide open jumper you are going to be in trouble with the coach. Popovich benches players for not taking wide open shots.

There is no evidence to suggest he has super poor shot selection, especially when he stays in the role the coach gives him.

His true shooting percentage is 540. A lot of unnecessary criticisms for Klay Thompson, especially since most of it is untrue.

Ok, I'll respond to in this thread to make it more simple. In regards to your response on his defensive numbers, I have nothing to say because my main gripe was with his paint scoring and his shot selection.

Lol, if the coach designs a play specifically for you to a wide open jumper, and than don't shoot the wide open jumper you are going to be in trouble with the coach. Popovich benches players for not taking wide open shots.

I have no gripe with him taking open jumpers. I should of been more specific, but what I meant by him not having to shoot on plays that are designed for him is that not all plays that are ran for him gets him open. In general, his shot selection on set plays is not the issue. It's his shot selection outside of these set plays. You say there's no evidence, but the evidence is right in front of you when you put down all these synergy/advanced/official/unoffical (or whatever the hell you call it) stats down and just watch that game. Now that was just a figure of speech, I'm not saying you don't watch the games; I'm sure you do, but I'm saying that if you watch the game and pay attention to his shot selections it becomes more "evident" that he takes bad shots. For example, in every game there are a couple of possessions where he has these fadeaways, jumpers where he's gliding laterally, and transition three pointers when half of his teammates haven't even crossed half court yet. Does he make them sometimes? Yeah, he does. But the times he misses some of these difficult shots come at the most inopportune times like when we're giving up a run or when we're on a scoring drought. I'm not kidding when I say he does this every game either, and it even costed us some games like the one when we played Denver and an offensive rebound bounced right to him and instead of holding for the last shot he fired off a three and gave them the last possession of regulation. Ish like that is unacceptable, man.

And in terms of his defense, I don't mind that at all. I don't know what all the stats are saying, but I can see that he's definitely putting in the effort to stop the opposition and that's all I can ask for. At this point I think I can say that I'm very satisfied with his defense.

I know I sound annoyed as hell, but overall I'm very neutral about Thompson. I'm not at the point where I'm calling for his head or for us to trade him, not am I at the point where I'm completely satisfied with his overall performance. I think if he improves his shot selection, handles, and finishing ability, he's a keeper. But if he digresses into chucker, than I say to hell with em.

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