Game Thread: Miami Heat @ Warriors 2013-01-16

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» Wed Jan 16, 2013 10:29 pm
Knightofoceans wrote:
martin wrote:
Knightofoceans wrote:It definitely looks like we've had a few days off.......while hitting the bottle a little too much on their off days. I like to think we'll have better games when not having all of that time off in between games! It might seem like an advantage..but you can either come back on or off. And tonight we look like we're not clicking on offense..or defense.

yeah, looks like many day offs for our young team is no good.
without curry this team looks like a car without wheels - no use, unless someone pushes it down the snowy mountain on its roof.

Ha ha..yes and it looks like we're getting pushed down that hill on our roof now.

exactly what i was implying :wink:

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