Game Thread: Warriors @ Washington Wizards 2012-12-08

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» Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:30 pm
32 wrote:Game notes:

- Just like our game against Cleveland, Washington struck me as an eerily similar team to Warriors' squads of the recent past. The Wizards' game plan, literally, was 100% trying to dupe Golden State into an up-and-down, fast tempo track meet where mistakes happen more frequently and the lesser talented team has more of a shot at winning. It is so shockingly refreshing to be on the other side of that equation: to be the team that wants to slow things down and execute the offense; the team who controls the game through rebounding and tough interior defense. And I mean CONTROLLED the game through rebounding: to the tune of 57 boards grabbed against 37 given up. Wow. That means Washington grabbed less than 10 rebounds a quarter...

- The team was largely cold; with Barnes, Jack, Green, and Jenkins all totaling more than 6 attempts but only managing to shoot a combined 29% (9-for-31). The saving grace was the big 3 of Lee, Curry, and Thompson, who totaled 24, 22, and 23 points respectively at a combined 51%. After all 3 men struggled in early parts of this season, it was pretty sweet to see them do a convincing Run TMC impression. Only I'm pretty sure Chris Mullin never hauled down 17 boards, like Lee did. It marked David's 3rd game (in 20 possible) this season where he topped the 15 rebound mark.

- Carl Landry may be having a tougher go of it lately, fighting through constant low-block double teams and a surplus of physicality... but even though he's not cranking out 18 pointers nightly (like the first 2 weeks of the season), I'll take 12 and 9 out of my backup 4 any day of the week.

- Is Festus Ezeli gonna block some shots this year? I realize he's only getting 16 minutes of run, but he's hovering between 0.8 and 1.0 blocks a game on the season constantly. BWright and ARandolph were shot erasers in limited minutes; maybe I'm being greedy, I love Ezeli's tough inside presence and his physical nature, and he no doubt protects the rim, but I thought this guy was supposed to be a shot-blocker?

Not only is he only getting sixteen minutes, but the Warriors are also second in the league at preventing opponents getting to the rim. Teams just aren't getting to the rim for him to block shots.

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