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» Fri Oct 03, 2008 8:49 am
migya wrote:
bigstrads wrote:
migya wrote:
E-Man wrote:
bigstrads wrote:Patrick's an Assistant Coach with the Magic yep, and does all the things an assistant coach does............but Kareem is a special assistant, who was employed soley to work with Bynum.

Plus, Patrick didnt have anywhere near the moves Kareem had. :wink:

i know, right? i mean let's look at ewing's latest pupil before howard...gentlemen, i give you KWAME BROWN.

Ewing may not have made a great post player out of anyone yet but the guy was one of the best Centers and I do think he is comparable to Kareem. Not as good but not far off

Not doubting Ewing in any way...............its just that he was a power player, who then turned into a pure mid-range jump shooter.

Where as Kareem was all finess and had a wide array of moves to pull.

Hence, I believe that Kareem would have more to teach Bynum in terms of moves and variety of scoring, whereas Ewing can mold Howard into the power beast that he is already.

I understand what you're saying, and Kareem did have a great offensive game but Ewing was more than just a power player. He had a great turn around jumper on the baseline, hooks and unorthodox drives to the basket that were effective. He should be teaching Dwight Howard to get a jump shot and some skills inside, besides just power like Dwight does

Yeah, if Ewing can get Howard to develop a jumper, in any form............then he will be totally unstopable, and will begin to become one of the truelly great C's weve ever seen.

A combo of that power, strength, speed and agility down low, with a mid-range jumper you have to guard!!!............damn. :shock:
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» Fri Oct 03, 2008 12:23 pm
Bynum can eat this.


Dwight/Bynum got no chance against Beans baby.


No comparison.

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