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» Sat Sep 13, 2008 1:56 pm
1. bada: 11-5
2. TMC: 9-7
3. Pawno: 7-9
4. xbay: 7-9
5. Mr. Crackerz: 7-9
6. GSW_United: 0-0
6. RobDIKUM: 0-0

Great to see Rob and GSW included.

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» Sat Sep 13, 2008 10:55 pm
let me try this time to pick the winner..

Tennessee @ Cincinnati: The Bengals are once again the Bungles. Even with Kerry Collins back in the huddle, the Bungles terrible defense will be exposed.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville: Gotta like Gerrard and Co. at home.

Oakland @ Kansas City: Look for Larry Johnson to run wild.

Indy @ Minnesota: Indy will bounce back after a terrible week 1 performance.

Chicago @ Carolina: Impressive game for both parties in week 1, but I'm going to give Carolina the edge at home.

GreenBay @ Detroit: Rodgers and Grant will light up Detriot's lackluster defense.

NY Giant @ S.T Louis: Shouldn't be that close.

New Orleans @ Washington: going with NO winning this one on the road.

Atlanta @ Tampa bay: Surprise pick? I'm looking for Turner to continue running wild and Ryan playing surprisingly efficient. Main reason: Brian Griese.

S.F @ Seattle: if the niners can't win this game against a depleted seahawks team... look for it to be a long, long long, season.

N.E @ Jets: I expect the better defensive team to win this game, which NE has over NY.

San Diego @ denver: Denver will squeek it out, making norv squirm a bit after week 2.

Miami @ Arizona AZ didn't look particularly good against SF, but i still like them to beat the phins. Warner and those WRs is just too much for miami.

Pittsburg @ Cleveland: Pitts hardnose D prevails in a nailbiter.

Baltimore @ Houston: N/A will be played later due to hurricane ike.

Philadelphia @ Dallas: I like dallas at home to take the eagles, but bar far the best game of the week.
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» Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:06 pm
Before Week 1 Competitors:

1. bada: 21-10
2. Pawno: 18-13
3. xbay: 18-13
4. TMC: 17-14
5. Mr. Crackerz: 17-14

After Week 1 Competitors:

1. ceddy: 11-4
2. RobDIKUM: 10-5
3. GSW_United: 7-8

Bada still leads the pack by 3 games while TMC fell down two spots. Ceddy leads the pack in the other set of standings. BTW, if you're wondering why we only have a total of 31 games overall/15 games this week, it's because the Ravens/Texans game was postponed due to Hurricane Ike.
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» Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:15 pm
Kansas City @ Atlanta.- The rookie QB is back home against a bad team.

Oakland @ Buffalo.- This Bills team is surprising, they get easy wins the next couple weeks.

Tampa Bay @ Chicago.- The Bears are finally home after a disappointing lost against the Panthers last week.

Carolina @ Minnesota.- Gus Frerotte? He's still in the NFL?

Miami @ New England.- Uh... Joey Porter or Rodney Harrison? Ah man, too easy.

Cincinnati @ NY Giants.- Justin Tuck is going to devour this Bengals offensive line.

Houston @ Tennessee.- Regardless of who's the QB, I think the Titans D is still good enough to take this one.

Arizona @ Washington.- Zorn's offense finally started clicking last week, can they continue it?

New Orleans @ Denver.- Cutler has two studs in Royal and Marshall. As Goldmember said, "Let the shoosting begin!"

Detroit @ San Francisco.- JTO progressed with the offense and he faces a defense in denial this week. It'll all depend on which defense steps up.

St. Louis @ Seattle.- A terrible D against an ailing offense.

Cleveland @ Baltimore.- The Brady Quinn movement has started, and it's only going to get louder.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis.- Manning finally got it going with the offense, now only if this offensive line can start run blocking for Addai.

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia.- Great game. Should go down to the wire.

Dallas @ Green Bay.- Just 'cause I liked what I saw what Aaron did last year against the 'Boys... I'm taking the men in green.

NY Jets @ San Diego.- They've got to win sometime, right?
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» Thu Sep 18, 2008 8:40 pm
Kansas City @ Atlanta.- KC's QB situation not lookin good, and their run defense was awful.

Oakland @ Buffalo.-Bills look really solid, Raiders have too many distractions. Bills stuff the box and force Russel to throw.
Tampa Bay @ Chicago.- Just a gut feeling on this one.

Carolina @ Minnesota.- Minny's D too much.

Miami @ New England.- I wish Joey was right.
Cincinnati @ NY Giants.- Cincinnati is turning into the team they use to be
Houston @ Tennessee.- The OILER BOWL! Mario meet Kerry
Arizona @ Washington.- Arizona's been grindin it out, but washington will end the nice beginning
New Orleans @ Denver.-Denver gets first lost and it prevents them from complete arrogance
Detroit @ San Francisco.-niners win by two scores as long as they don't dig a first quarter hole
St. Louis @ Seattle.- Rams

Cleveland @ Baltimore.- Cleveland is turning into the team they used to be
Jacksonville @ Indianapolis.-Jacksonville isn't what we thought they were. Indy wins big.

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia.- Philly's offense destroys pittsburghs D
Dallas @ Green bay. want the pack on this one, but Dallas will probably win.
NY Jets @ San Diego Jets are just better right now.
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» Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:41 pm
K.C - Atlanta...K.C need to settle down with their QB position first before think about to win a game.

:D Raiders :D - Buffalo....Time to eat Buffalo wing this week...

Cincinnati - NY Giants....Bengals 'lose' his claws

Miami - New England...only miracle can help Dolphin to win this game.

Houston - Tennessee...Hurricane Ike bring some good luck for Texans..

Tampa Bay - Chicago....can't lose two games in a row

Arizona - Washington...Santana moss will have another good game, close game.

Carolina - Minnesota....if AP can play viking will pull out this game.

N.O - denver...hate to pick this game , but Broncos are on the best form.

Detroit - S.F....if J.T.O can play like his performance last week then their is no doubt niners will win this game.

S.T Louis - Seattle...Seahawks RB will have a great game.

Pittsburg - Philly....darn, this is close game.. :agrue:...wish willie parker have a great game this time.

Cleveland - Baltimore....LeBron call me to pick this Brown.. :mrgreen:

Jacksonville - Indy...Reggie wayne 2 touch down. :D

Dallas - Greenbay...4th Qtr Interception help Dallas win this game.

N.Y jets - San Diego....If Charger lose again then its reality not hype.

oke guys...have a nice weekends... :wink:
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» Fri Sep 19, 2008 1:18 am
Kansas City @ Atlanta.- Chiefs are a joke in every facet of the game and are this years new favorite to go winless, falcons have a good running game and decent D.

Oakland @ Buffalo.- The Bills are for real and so is Trent Edwards, they'll only get better once Marshawn Lynch finds a rhythm. Raiders are by far the most unprofessional and dysfunctional organization in pro sports.

Tampa Bay @ Chicago.- I really wanted to pick Jeff Garcia and the Bucs, but since Chucky determined that the guy who spent the last 2 seasons as the number 3 QB behind Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton is better than the pro bowl QB that has lead 3 teams to the playoffs (2 in his first year with that team) and only threw 4 ints in 13 starts last year....

Carolina @ Minnesota.- I actually like the Gus Frerotte move by minny, but while they are excellent at defending the run, they wont be taking much from the panthers who get Steve Smith back this week. Look form Smith to catch about 6 balls for 120+ yards and at least 1 TD.

Miami @ New England.- "Uh... Joey Porter or Rodney Harrison? Ah man, too easy." Yeah XBay (yeah I copied and pasted your post, lol), I heard that on NFL Live also and my response was, "WHO FUUCKNG CARES!?!?" These players are so completely irrelevant just like the Dolphins. These dinosaurs should keep their mouths shut, especially Porter - I'm so sick of him.

Cincinnati @ NY Giants.- Giants are the best overall team in the league, their O is almost as good as the Cowboys and their passrush is amazing. Cincinnati and the Raiders should just merge maybe they'll salvage a 6 win season or at least they'd make for some good drama-filled reality TV.

Houston @ Tennessee.- Look for both QBs to be spending a large portion of their afternoons on their backs.

Arizona @ Washington.- It's not that I think Arizona is the worst team of the two... I just hope they are.

New Orleans @ Denver.- Cutler is leading the league in passing yards and TDs. The Broncos are a good team but always find a way to loose eventually, so this could go either way.

Detroit @ San Francisco.- I'll be at this game, and will hopefully finally be able to watch the 9ers win one in person (last 6 games I've been to they've lost).

St. Louis @ Seattle.- Upset special right here! Two gutter 0-2 teams, Hawks have all the excuses in the world... What are the Rams'? Someone's got to win this one. So, for no reason other than I hate the Seahawks more, I'll go with the Rams.

Cleveland @ Baltimore.- The Cleveland Ravens will finally show up against Baltimore Browns. Maybe Edwards will finally catch a ball that hits him in the hands...

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis.- This was actually a tough one for me, because I think it could really go either way, but Indy gets the benefit of the doubt plus home field (or turf).

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia.- Battle of the Penn state - The Steelers are a better overall team and one of the few AFC powerhouses still intact, people haven't been talking about them much thus far, but after they handle the Eagles in their own house - look for all the ESPN front-runners to hop back aboard the Steelers bandwagon (like they always do about this time of year).

Dallas @ Green Bay.- Greenbay's D-secondary is too inconsistent and I don't think the Cowboys are ready to start loosing yet...

NY Jets @ San Diego.- Would be hilarious if the Jets pulled this one out, for no particular reason other than I just hate Phillip Rivers, and that's for no particular reason other than I just hate his face... I dunno why, sometimes you just inexplicably hate peoples' faces. But the chargers will muster up a win here after letting Bret carve up their one-trick-pony D to the tune of 250+ yards and 2-3 TDs. Plus Mangini is a pathetic excuse for a head coach and will likely cave to the press' outcries for more pass attempts for Farve.
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» Fri Sep 19, 2008 2:32 am
Kansas City @ Atlanta.- Someone has to win...

Oakland @ Buffalo.- Buffalo has a good running game, an underrated defense and a game manager at QB. Should be enough to be a playoff contender.

Tampa Bay @ Chicago.- Somehow, I'm not confident about this Bucs team on the road against a strong defense.

Carolina @ Minnesota.- What XBay said... but AP will run all over the Panthers to get Minny their first W of the season.

Miami @ New England.- It's gonna be a looooooong game for the 'Fins.

Cincinnati @ NY Giants.- Predicting games like this one is no fun at all...

Houston @ Tennessee.- The Titans D should make enough plays to easily win this one.

Arizona @ Washington.- I'm not a believer on this Cards team. Not when they've only defeated SF and Miami.

New Orleans @ Denver.- As the Saints D is pretty banged up, I'll go with the best offense in the NFL.

Detroit @ San Francisco.- Same 'ol Lions year after year. It's one of the few things you can be sure about in the NFL. Calvin will have another monster game, but that won't be enough.

St. Louis @ Seattle.- Can't come at a better time for Seattle.

Cleveland @ Baltimore.- I still don't know what to think of Baltimore. Let's just say that I'm not confident of Flacco leading any team into this game.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis.- BIG game for both teams. I expect it to be a low scoring game that Manning will find a way to win, like he did in Minny.

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia.- Game of the week. Both are strong contenders, but I'll go with Philly after McNabb's yearly injury.

Dallas @ Green Bay.- Don't know what to think of this one. Let's go home team, just in case.

NY Jets @ San Diego.- The Chargers still are one of the top teams of the league. They can't keep losing games forever.
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» Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:22 am
Kansas City @ Atlanta.- Tyler Thigpen? I will take Atlanta thanks.

Oakland @ Buffalo.- Bills defense is very solid and their offense doesn't make mistakes.

Tampa Bay @ Chicago.- Chicago sneeks this one out in a close win at home.

Carolina @ Minnesota.- Carolina is a good road team but what Carolina does best (run the ball) is what Minny does best at stopping.

Miami @ New England.- Joey Porter opening his trap once again to give the Pats bulliten board material. What a moron.

Cincinnati @ NY Giants.- Gmen roll

Houston @ Tennessee.- Tennessee's defense is a beat right now and Kerry Collins adds a bit of efficiency to a strong rushing attack.

Arizona @ Washington.- Zona needs this game for credibility... the cards usually dissapoint in a spot like this and I will make them SHOW it to me before I jump on their bandwagon.

New Orleans @ Denver.- Cutler has really been amazing this season.

Detroit @ San Francisco.- JT O'Sullivan earned a lot of respect with me last week and you know Martz is going to want to stick it to Detroit.

St. Louis @ Seattle.- If they lose to the Rams, season over.

Cleveland @ Baltimore.- Going with a road upset.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis.- Picking the upset in this one. Jags are dangerous right now as they are a good team who is 0-2 and DESPERATE for a win. This game could turn thier season around and the loss of Bob Sanders for the Colts will drastically affect their defense.

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia.- Emotional loss and a short week for Phily. Going to be a GREAT game.

Dallas @ Green Bay.- Another great game. Dont really have an explanation why I am picking Dallas.

NY Jets @ San Diego: Favre loves Monday nights but I think SD gets it first win of the season here.
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» Fri Sep 19, 2008 7:08 pm

Kansas City @ Atlanta- Battle for the 1st pick: KC wins that prize

Oakland @ Buffalo- Battle for Most improve club in 2008

Tampa Bay @ Chicago- Battle for Best Defense

Carolina @ Minnesota- Battle for the biggest surprise: neither win!

Miami @ New England- Battle of the Best Versus the Worst!

Cincinnati @ NY Giants- Battle of ... See Miami @ NE

Houston @ Tennessee- Battle of the Former Oilers

Arizona @ Washington- Battle for the 6th spot... come playoff time!

New Orleans @ Denver- Battle of America's polar opposites.. (city culture, playing style...etc.)

Detroit @ San Francisco- Battle for sorriest team this decade

St. Louis @ Seattle.- Battle for America's Brew: Beer v. Coffee

@ Baltimore- Battle of the former/current Browns

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis- Battle of Racing Fans: Indy v Daytona

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia- Battle of the Eastern Hemlock and the Rough Grouse

@ Green Bay- Battle of Footballs greatest franchises

NY Jets @ San Diego- Battle of 2008's biggest dissappointments
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» Fri Sep 19, 2008 9:20 pm
Kansas City @ Atlanta.- Atlanta at home... Look for Turner to put up another week 1 fantasy stats of 200+ yards.

Oakland @ Buffalo.- Either way im a winner for choosing Buffalo, I have a slight suspicision Oakland could play upsets, but Edwards is just
to damn Good and TMC was a idiot for not accepting my Ocho Cinco for Edwards trade straight up. Allthough Edwards won't be winning this game with his
deft passing into Oakland Secondary it will be the footspeed of Lynch and Edwards above average Run D that will close this game down.

Tampa Bay @ Chicago.- Chicago won't let the Bucs do the same thing the Panthers did last week. It doesn't help the Bucs mentally
playing Atlanta's Defense one week and then Chicago's the next... Greise could be a bit of a Xfactor going up against his ole boys.

Carolina @ Minnesota.- Jonothan Stewart has been the suprise of this season in terms of rookie running games. But if the AP show is ready
to go then this will be Minesota first win of the year.

Miami @ New England.- 16-0??? New England gotta take one game at a time and will be happy to be seated at 3-0 with Tom Brady down and out.

Cincinnati @ NY Giants.- The fantasy league will have a Wall St meltdown come Monday Morning as 3 game in a row TJ, Ocho Cinco and Carson Palmer
dont get the Bengals any good fantasy numbers (TMC gets out while he still can)

Houston @ Tennessee.- Kerry Collins leading a team into the post season??? If the Titans keep playing the way they do. might just happen.

Arizona @ Washington.- Jason Campbell is one of the most underated Quarterbacks out there... The Dude can sling the pigskin.

New Orleans @ Denver.- As good as Drew Brees has looked. This year is all about Jay Cutler

Detroit @ San Francisco.- as tough as it was for Matt Hassellback last week throwing into the Niners Secondary. It will be a bit easier for Kitna..
Least Kitna has guys out on the wideouts to make plays and after throwing some of those aweful Turnovers to Charles Woodson last week i think Kitna will
hold onto the ball and play it a bit more safer. San Francisco still hasn't addressed that awful Defensive line and Kevin Smith will be just another runningback
to pile on the triple digit rushing yard games.

St. Louis @ Seattle.- As one expert said... "There's only one thing better for the Seahawks then having a bye week and thats playing the Rams at home" :)

Cleveland @ Baltimore.- I like Cleveland's chances on the road in this game.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis.- Who would have thought Jacksonville would be 0-3... So many issues for Del Rio at the moment.

Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia.- Phillie has all the ingredients to be a NFC Superbowl team... remember they just lost to Dallas in a epic shootout and the issues
surrounding big Ben's shoulders just don't quite do it for me at the moment to pick the Curtain.

Dallas @ Green Bay.- Being 2-1 after week 3... well The Green Bay faithful will be happy with that especially when Uncle Jett Favre is 1-2 out in the medowlands.

NY Jets @ San Diego.- If San Diego is to lose, it will come at the xpense of there very poor Pass Defense and the fact that LT is questionable going into this game.
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» Sun Sep 21, 2008 6:39 pm
Only one upset this week, Miami beating New England ending the Patriots 21-game winning streak dating back to last season. Wow. Ronnie Brown ran all over them, 5 total TD's. Joey Porter sure backed up his words. And the most impressive part was that it was on the road.

Standings after Week 3...

Before Week 1 Competitors:

1. bada: 33-14
2. xbay: 30-17
3. Pawno: 29-18
4. TMC: 28-19
5. Mr. Crackerz: 27-20

After Week 1 Competitors:

RobDIKUM: 21-10
ceddy: 11-4
JREED23: 9-7
GSW_United: 16-15
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» Thu Sep 25, 2008 9:02 pm
Atlanta @ Carolina.- Since Matt Ryan is still a rookie and this Panthers team has a rough secondary, I'll take the Panthers.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati.- Brady Quinn will be the starter after this game. The Browns were smart for not giving Derek Anderson an extension.

Houston @ Jacksonville.- Uh oh, the Jaguars finally found out how to run again. But the Jags better watch out, Steve Slaton could hurt them.

Denver @ Kansas City.- Who woulda thought that one of the superpowers in the AFC this year would be the Broncos? I knew they were talented, but Cutler has taken it to a while another level ever since there was a guy named Elway at helm.

San Francisco @ New Orleans.- Reggie Bush is a Niner killer. Although, I have a hunch the Niners will test the Saints and win.

Arizona @ NY Jets.- It's a must win for both teams. I'll take the home team.

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay.- This is my hit or miss to inch closer to bada in the standings. [-o<

Minnesota @ Tennessee.- I think the Titans D can take care of the Vikings pass. But if they let Steve Slaton run wild on them, they better watch out for AP.

San Diego @ Oakland.- This probably may be Kiffin's last game, then again, I said that after week 1, 2, and 3.

Buffalo @ St. Louis.- Not sure if changing to Trent Green is any better than having Marc Bulger. It's the offensive line, not the QB.

Washington @ Dallas.- You wonder... who will stop this team?

Philadelphia @ Chicago.- Huge game for both teams. Chicago is coming off two disappointing losses in the clutch while Philly is looking to keep up with the Cowboys in the NFC East.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh.- Rookie QB against this suffocating defense? Not a chance.
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» Fri Sep 26, 2008 4:35 am
Atlanta @ Carolina.- I like this Falcons team. Of course, it will take some more weapons and experience for Ryan to be able to beat a good team on the road...

Cleveland @ Cincinnati.- Call it a hunch, but I don't think Cleveland will lose this one.

Houston @ Jacksonville.- Jacksonville is just a MUCH better team... although Garrard better starts playing like last season soon.

Denver @ Kansas City.- The Chiefs are going to be this year's Dolphins, if they win more than one or two games, I'd be surprised.

San Francisco @ New Orleans.- The Saints are a much better team, but injuries are killing them. Close game, although I think the home team will take it.

Arizona @ NY Jets.- Same 'ol Cards...

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay.- Our D has looked good so far (more often than not, at least). I think we have a chance to shock the NFL and take this one as long as Griese has a mistake free game.

Minnesota @ Tennessee.- Frerotte???. Eh... no, thanks.

San Diego @ Oakland.- Easy win for the Chargers.

Buffalo @ St. Louis.- The Rams suck. Period. And Linehan sucks even more. Each season he stays on that team, he manages to make them even worse than the previous one. Has to be some kind of record...

Washington @ Dallas.- Dallas might be the top team in the NFL right now.

Philadelphia @ Chicago.- The Bears offense still ain't good enough to defeat the top teams. Of course, they made it to a SB without an offense, but their current D is a step below that one.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh.- Flacco is having a rough time adjusting to NFL life... Hopefully, he doesn't become Kyle Boller part Deux, but he's taking the same approach. I think he shouldn't be playing yet, but the Ravens are truly desperate at QB.
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» Fri Sep 26, 2008 9:21 am
Atlanta @ Carolina.- Don't think Atlanta will come through on this one

Cleveland @ Cincinnati.-Cinci is falling hard.

Houston @ Jacksonville.-I thought Houston would be better, but no

Denver @ Kansas City.- Chiefs are awful

San Francisco @ New Orleans.- Much better team TMC? Niners are doing ok, the competition hasn't been great, but the Niners always lacked offense and now they have a good one. They steal one this sunday.

Arizona @ NY Jets.- Cards are improved, but won't win on the road

Green Bay @ Tampa Bay.- Rodgers lights up those bucs this weekend.

Minnesota @ Tennessee.- Minny builds on last week

San Diego @ Oakland.- Raiders get up for this one, Last week was an abberration for the Chargers. Gut feeling, Raiders pull one out.

Buffalo @ St. Louis.- Only question is whether the Rams get blown out again.

Washington @ Dallas.-Washington doesn't have to Offense to keep up though Dallas' D has been dissappointing.

Philadelphia @ Chicago.- Philly has been impressive.

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh.- Steelers eek one out like they always do.

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