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» Sun Nov 13, 2005 9:34 pm
Furzo: what are you up to

#32: Fantasy B-Ball

#32: you?

Furzo: scanning ****
Furzo: haha
Furzo: just random ****

#32: like what"

Furzo: standby
Furzo: dude
Furzo: do you honestly think the suns are better than GS

#32: hahaha, whats up?
#32: Overall? That's probably a toss-up without Amare. As a team? HELL no! But as far as talent? Oh cource

Furzo: a simple yes or no

#32: course*
#32: And the question on the board was TALENT-wise
#32: yeah, i think Golden State's got more weapons
#32: they just dont use them as well

Furzo: what good is the best gun in the world if it doesnt work
Furzo: im not clowin
Furzo: im just realistic
Furzo: bdavis or nash
Furzo: NO WAY
Furzo: M
Furzo: V
Furzo: P

#32: That was PURELY because the Suns improved so much with him on the squad. John Stockton used to average more assists, points, AND steals in a season, but never got an MVP. Nash got it purely on the improvement because he was the team's leader but, make no mistake, Amare was a better player

Furzo: they were both really good
Furzo: i wouldnt put amare over nash though

#32: MANY guys in the league shoulda taken that award ahead of Nash: KG, Shaq, Amare, Tim Duncan

Furzo: yeah
Furzo: dude
Furzo: this is one thing i hate
Furzo: you cant pick and choose
Furzo: this is why the title is such of covveted thing
Furzo: because it involves talent, consisency and endurance
Furzo: but my point is
Furzo: i hate when people say this guy is so much better than another player when they have different positions and skills

#32: true

Furzo: not directed at you

#32: no, i agree

Furzo: just a general commet
Furzo: a lot of pissy **** like that happens on the forum
Furzo: i cant toake too much of it

#32: Baron and Steve are totally different PG's

Big Daddy Furzo: for sure

#32: but, in the absense of Stoudamire, I'd take Golden State's talent over Phoenix's. That was my only thing. No one asked who'd win the game; the question was on talent. With Nash's career winding down, Amare's leg may be busted forever, Marion's no franchise, and Johnson/Richardson bolted (with sub-par replacements like Raja Bell and James Jones)... I'd for sure take GS's talent over Phoenix
#32: Last season was a WAY different story, Baron or no
#32: But the Suns seem broke this year

Furzo: talking about the future
Furzo: i agree

#32: and the present
#32: no Amare in the present is tough

Furzo: warriors will last so much longer and have great talent only getting better
Furzo: but right now i still bet on suns

#32: As far as winning the game, i would too
#32: Steve Nash just makes SO MANY more people better

Furzo: hey
Furzo: yeah man
Furzo: but that is their biggest problem
Furzo: pheonix falls apart in the end of games if it is close because they do not have a go to guy

#32: Well, that, and the fact that Steve Nash isn't an MVP caliber player. Make no mistake; he's a HUGE value to a team because he's basically a basketball muse and improves EVERYONE around him, but his numbers in every other cateogory aside from assists aren't league-wide amazing
#32: and, at the moment, he's their best player

Furzo: yeah

#32: Teaming him with Stoudamire (a big man who can run the floor AND play the power game) was a stroke of genius, but without Amare, he's like Steve Young the year Jerry Rice's ACL went out

Furzo: yeah

#32: Still a great distributer... but his biggest gun is out of the picture. It's like Steve Austin trying to win a wrestling match without The Stunner.
#32: it's possible, but not as dominant
#32: dude, i think i'ma post this whole convo on the Forum... think we pretty much covered it all

Furzo: haha
Furzo: i like that

#32: haha, i'm on it now


So, people, who's right?
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» Mon Nov 14, 2005 3:46 am

I think we covered this in another thread, the Suns are better than GS right now, but in terms on talent and for the future, Amare is is the key. If he comes back healthy, they'll be a championship contender. If not, they're basically screwed.

And Nash is the MVP and a big talent (on offense), but he's 30+ and I'm having a hard time believing that he's the mvp of his own team. Change Nash for Baron in the Suns roster from last year. Do you think they'd be a worst team?. Nor do I.

BUT, the Suns work better as a team than the Warriors, and that gives them the edge right now.
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» Mon Nov 14, 2005 2:49 pm
Yeah, we DID sort of begin to cover it in another thread... I'm just saying, Amare's presence on the Suns is something like The Nile to Egypt... they'll still be successfull, but he just improves them SO MUCH when he's there. Without him, the Suns look half baked.

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