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Whats the best Operating System?

Ubuntu 8.04 Linux
Windows XP
Windows Vista
other distrobution of Linux or other unlisted OS

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» Sat Aug 02, 2008 2:56 pm
I switched from xp to Ubuntu 8.04 last month and its been fairly bad ass. hard to figure out at first but once you get it down its SOOOO much better then xp. yeah you can't use some programs you can in XP or Vista (a complete joke if you ask me) but it makes doing everyday things on your computer very easy. actually still have xp in a dual boot, but I always look at it when my computer is starting up and think: why go back? probably the hardest part about it is that you over think too much about everything. couple scenarios:

how much of My Hard Drive am I using? Ubuntu comes with about 200 programs (some off them like the games are small and stupid), I'd say maybe 25 of them are completely useless. but everything adds up to about 4GB because Linux installs programs using way less space than XP.

-Do I have to defrag my hard drive? No
-Do I have to worry about updating everything? No you just click a small icon and check the updates you want.
-Do I have to worry about viruses? in reality No unless you really try hard. or some ish like that
-Installing programs? with 8.04 you just go to add/remove programs, check the ones you want to download, hit install and they all download and install automatically (every program and Operating System is completely free)!
-what do I have to do to make sure my computer doesn't slow down? nothing Ubuntu doesn't slow down like XP or Vista
-drivers? only one I've had to set up is the Graphics card, and even at that, I just Downloaded a small program (EnvyNG) that set it up for me.

For old versions of Ubuntu you had to type in commands in code for everything (like MS-Dos). Now its almost to the point where you don't use a MS-dos screen at all. a lot of times if you have questions and you look up the solutions on the internet, you get a complex answer with lots of "code language" which you don't need at all (I know one command in linux code and its almost completely useless).

If your not good with computers (I'd say if XP is very confusing to you) I'd wait until the next version. 8.04 is the first version to attempt to take code and command prompts completely out of the experience. the next version will be way better for ppl who are allergic to computers.

It's also a little confusing because; like windows has a "windows folder" where all of the complex algorithms are kept. with Ubuntu theres no specific folder, its just all over your main drive. program files are scattered all over the place, but fortunately you don't have to worry about it, theres a "my documents folder" which is the only thing I ever look in.
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» Sat Aug 02, 2008 3:11 pm
By the way I don't like Mac OSX cause they control EVERYTHING YOU do. oh you want this program, sorry you can only use Mac programs. want to tweak some aspect of the OS? Sorry you can't.

It may be more user friendly, but you can't customize it at all compared to Ubuntu or Windows. every bit of multimedia you get has to come through iTunes. and wtf is up with that iTV bull schit? all you can do is rent/download movies through iTunes and nothing else. YOU HAVE TO PAY theres no way to load anything for free.

I'm not just some bitter windows user either, I've used a mac book for a visual media class and my gf works at the Mac store. it sucks. you have to pay twice the price for all their software (as great as some of it may be), but half of it you don't use anyway. My gf says that the people who buy macs at her store typically don't need half of what they're paying for. There just buying it to be cool. $3000 for a mac book air? it's like 3 times as much, and all you can do is brag about how slim it is. whatever, let the tools be tools
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» Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:22 am

does anybody else (newbs?) use Linux on this site?

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» Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:37 pm
I use Mac OSX and I gotta say that you have the wrong impression. I can't fully customize my laptop's hardware, but my OS is fully customized and I use plenty of Microsoft programs.
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» Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:27 pm
An advanced programmer can get a lot out of Linux, but Ubuntu is not the way to go if that is your intention. Ubuntu is actually pretty similar to the other main OS's (Vista / Windows 7 / Mac OSX) in terms of flexibility, and what you gain in some areas you lose in others (i.e. ability to run many common and/or essential programs). I find Mac OSX offers many of the features that make Linux ideal (unix-based, less risk of viruses, stable). If you're going to use Linux, you should become more familiar with the way it works and eventually swap Ubuntu -- which is more geared toward beginners -- for something more advanced and dynamic, such as Gentoo. RedHat is the one I would recommend if you feel confident in your understanding of the OS and if you want a distribution with more capabilities to truly test what the OS can do.
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» Wed Jul 15, 2009 12:02 am
yeah my opinions have since changed since I wrote those first two posts. Ubuntu has it's problems.
- I got an iPod touch, and I can't hook it up which is REALLY annoying. I have to switch back into XP to update it. That will probably get fixed soon though (pretty much every other mp3 player is sync-able).
- Open office is good (basically a free copy of Microsoft Office) but it feels slightly less polished than Word, Excel, and Power Point. couple little things really get on my nerves. Office XP (NOT 2008) is still the best suite if you ask me
- Evolution (Linux version of Microsoft's outlook) looks better than Outlook, but lacks a few features here and there
- It lacks the REALLY high power software for Macs and Windows. pro video editors probably want to go for a mac. although I got to say, I like Gimp over the newest Adobe photoshop

darkOne wrote:Ubuntu is actually pretty similar to the other main OS's (Vista / Windows 7 / Mac OSX) in terms of flexibility, and what you gain in some areas you lose in others (i.e. ability to run many common and/or essential programs).

I don't know man, they've really hammered out a lot of the compatibility issues in the past year or so. beyond the Ipod touch/itunes, I haven't run into anything I can't do that I could on another OS (assuming we're talking about non-essential programs here). I'll admit very few games are available, but I don't play computer games and macs have some compatablity issues as well with games (although not nearly as many)...

It's similar, but the big difference is that it's totally free and takes up very little space on your HDD.

since I upgraded to their newest version (9.04), I haven't used any code - barely know any, anyway. I don't really understand the way linux works, and I have little to no problems using it. The days of needing to be a total nerd to operate linux are over.

I'm interested to know if any of you mac users have any gripes with the operating system besides the cost and minor compatibility issues

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