final puzzle piece: al for 'cox - (trade machine approved)

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Al for Willcox and Griffith?

heck yeah
heck no

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» Wed Jul 23, 2008 7:17 pm
Harrington is a vagina. I've said it before I'll say it again.
Hes a 6'9" power forward with the mindset and toughness of a 6'2". the nice thing is that he has a streaky outside shot, so he's appealing to teams. but beyond that jumper I'm just not sold on the guy. its time to leave. Don's days as a coach are numbered so lets make a push now.

Al Harrington and cash


Chris Willcox and Adrian Griffith of the OKC thunder(?) ... &te=&cash=

works in the trade machine, although espn still thinks we have this as our depth chart:
Point Guard Baron Davis C.J. Watson
Shooting Guard Monta Ellis Mickael Pietrus Marco Belinelli
Small Forward Stephen Jackson Kelenna Azubuike Matt Barnes
Power Forward Al Harrington Austin Croshere Brandan Wright
Center Andris Biedrins Patrick O'Bryant Kosta Perovic

yeah... more wrong than right.

anywho if it does work financially I think it'd be great:

we get Willcox, I guy a lot of ppl seem to like on this site for a good reason: He's a true power forward. I'm talking boards, toughness, finishing, inbtwn the weight of a SF and a Center (~230lbs). now that we have a back up center in turiaf we don't need harrington's weak inside game anymore. match up willcox and

we get Adrian Griffith - perfect for our needs because we don't really need much else. He balances out the roster (2 backups for every position), he's cheap, hes a veteran, all he does is play Defense (literally), and if need be he can shoot a three. we have Maggette and Randolph in front of him, two guys that are not proven defenders and are prob going to be splitting the minutes (I predict something like 60%, 40%). I think we have enough competition for that position already.

this is also good for the sonics, err thunder,,, err Seattlahoma City super sonic thunder (rolls off the tongue nicely).
A) they get rid of 1 of their FOUR Small Forwards (unless their depth chart is way off) who isn't very good anyway
B) give up wilcox for a "proven" scorer and versatile player in Harrington.
C)we'll give them cash to get far enough under the cap to get a decent player
D) they already have a banger in Nick Collision so Al might be a nice switch up.
E) people seem to think hes scorer so that might help their woeful organization.
F) they have way too many players on their roster and this is a way to consolidate it: get a power forward that thinks hes a small forward / shooting guard, for a small forward and a power forward.

The perfect lineup

Point Guard: Ellis / Williams / Watson
Shooting Guard: Jackson / Evans / Bellenelli
Small Foward: Maggette / Randolph / Griffith
Power Forward: Willcox / Wright / Hendrix
Center: Biedrins / Turiaf / Perovic

Stats for Al Harrington (6'9" 255lb) last season
PPG 13.6 remember we scored more per game than any one else I give that a
-2 handicap in this stat
RPG 5.4j(':cry:')
APG 1.6
SPG 0.9
BPG 0.2
FG% 0.434
FT% 0.774
3P% 0.375(':roll:')
MPG 27.0

Stats for Willcox (6'10" 235lb) last season
PPG 13.4(':)')
RPG 7.0(':D')
APG 1.2
SPG 0.7
BPG 0.6
FG% 0.524(':)')
FT% 0.645
3P% 0.000
MPG 28.0

What do we think ppl? If this topic is hot enough maybe Mullin will check it out and get it done ( oh if dreams were reality).
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» Wed Jul 23, 2008 7:20 pm
warrior 4 life85 wrote:Harrington is a vagina. I've said it before I'll say it again.

Hmmm.... I really do fail to see the similarities, but, yeah, whatever. :mrgreen:

warrior 4 life85 wrote:Al Harrington


Chris Willcox and Adrian Griffith of the OKC thunder(?)

I like it, but why would the Sonics (yeah, I said Sonics, deal with it. :mrgreen: ) do this trade? They dont need an overpaid guy like Al. I like it, but they wont.

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» Wed Jul 23, 2008 7:26 pm
id take it...griffin would end up getting waived by us anyway.

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» Wed Jul 23, 2008 8:29 pm
yeah i like the concept. but i dont think the Sonics would agree. (like SFx3, i aint giving in to the damn Thunder). Al Harrington has no place for a rebuilding team like the Sonics.

BUT MAYBE, a 3 team trade?
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» Wed Jul 23, 2008 8:40 pm
hes the poor mans josh smith
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» Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:04 pm
hrmmm... intresting

A) who needs a Harrington in the league
B) what do the sonics need? my guess is more guards
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» Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:48 pm
work in trade machine..... ::lol:

yeah...i hope it work for OKC....
they will not do that trade unless some valuable asset involved. :wink:

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