What will Murphy, J-Rich& Dun ask for when they become F

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Will J-Rich, Murph, and Dun accept 8 mill/yr?

Yes, 8 mill is perfect
No, they'll be greedy and want more
No votes
Yes, but they'd take a little pay cut to help the team
Murph and Dun will but J-Rich won't

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» Thu Jul 22, 2004 12:12 pm
I was wondering what you all thought on what Murph, Richardson, and Dunleavy will want when they become free agents next off-season (2005) 2006 in Dunleavy's case. I was thinking around 8 mill/yr each.

Using Hoophype's salary tracker, we're at 19.5 mill next season as it stands for everyone currently under contract. We have options for Dunleavy and Claxton, which I know many want to bring back despite the Fisher signing. Those options total 8 mill. If the two FA's (Murph/Richardson) command 8 mill each, we'll be right at 44 mill.

The 44 mill for a lineup in 2005/06 with:
PG Fisher/Claxton
SG Richardson/Pietrus
SF Dunleavy/Pietrus
PF Murphy/Biedrins
C Foyle/Biedrins/Eschmeyer.

If we can get rid of Eschmeyer along with Damp in a S/T this off-season and for an expiring contract like Antoine Walker we'd be at 40 mill going into the 2005-06 season.

In the 2006 off-season, when Dunleavy and Claxton will need to be resigned and we'll have an option for 2 mill on Pietrus (which we will exercise). At that point, minus the FA's Dunleavy and Claxton it'd shake down to around this:
Richardson=9 (say the 8 mill from 2005/06 is increased by 1 mill)
Murphy=9 (same as Richardson)
36.26 (exactly using hoophype and 9 mill each for rich and murph)
We'd have a little under 14 mill to sign Dunleavy and Claxton keeping in mind there's Pietrus coming in the upcoming offseason (2007)
If we gave Dunleavy 8 mill and claxton 6 mill we'd be at or around the cap, perhaps a little below if it's raised. It seems to work out, but do u think Dunleavy, Murphy, and Richardson would accept "only" 8 mill a year. (I could see some sorry team like Atlanta giving J-Rich 10 mill a year because of his dunking abilities).
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» Thu Jul 22, 2004 3:53 pm
I heard J Rich "wants" to be a warrior. So he could accept it.

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» Thu Jul 22, 2004 3:56 pm
where'd you hear that? any link?
At 10 mill a year it'd be better to let him go if Pietrus stepped it up a bit.
» Thu Jul 22, 2004 4:18 pm
i also heard j.rich wants to be a warrior. i forgot where..some article online sometime last season. hes a good player, i'd want him to remain a warrior.
players i want OUT:
fisher,p.jones, evan, foyle

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» Thu Jul 22, 2004 4:40 pm
Is Popeye a FA? Because he's not listed on Hoopshype although I've seen him listed on our roster on several sites.
» Thu Jul 22, 2004 5:02 pm
i have no idea what the deal with popeye is, but he is another garbage player.good bench warmer though
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» Thu Jul 22, 2004 5:27 pm
J Rich said he wanted to be warrior when the warriors gave him his extension. But if we let him go, better news for Pietrus.
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» Thu Jul 22, 2004 11:57 pm
Yeah Jrich is an 8 Million dollar man. I'd max out on Jrich ( in my opinion ) cause i think his upside is to hard to turn down . People say his weak in freethrows or ball handling. and i agree , But his got plenty of signs that he will grow into a qualified superstar. His a great shooter , He'd be better if there was another superstar threat meaning teams wouldn't automatically collapse on D on him . Speaking of D , I think he does a marvellous job. He moves very very well , I think as he ages you will see improvements in smarter defense, I think he has the hops to be a great shotblocker for his hieght and his hops but with that he needs to learn how to swat . He will one day soon be rated amongst the elite players in stat production . His easily capable of scoring 25 a game and look out for 7-8 rebounds per game average . But he also needs to become Clutch !
Worth more then 8.

But i don't understand BY why there was an option saying pay Murph and Dunleavy 8 mil but Jrich ain't worth that . Out of all 3 players . J rich is by far going to have the best career.

Murph is worth that kind of money . But i think he will sign for less due to the fact he had a real bad 03-04 campaign . He was producing ALLSTAR numbers the previous year , But the Plantar Faecis will make ome GM's ask the " Risk question " Lets hope he has a marvelous 04-05 campaign

As for Dunleavy, well i think it's a general rule that most peeps think his still got more of a cieling . I think he will get 8 mil if he continues to improve, I can see some like Elgin Baylor or Jerry West forcing a S&T @ 8 mil for his services .

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» Fri Jul 23, 2004 8:16 am
This was said about J-Rich in the 02/03 season: (link: http://www.kfba.net/Articles/22115.aspx)

Richardson has never been able to hit a jump shot, and now insiders are questioning whether he can create off the dribble. Coaches say the size of his feet (17), limits his lateral quickness.

Here are the guys with the biggest shoe sizes from a 2003 article: (link: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=1623304)

Shaq: 22
Scot Pollard: 19
Yao Ming, Zo: 18
Shawn Bradley, Vlade Divac: 17

These are are some big guys who in no way can move like a guard, let alone defend like a guard. I love J-Rich and what he has done for the warriors, and I believe he will be a consistent 20 points, 7 boards, 4 assists guy. BUT, I have a hard-time believing richardson will ever be more than a slightly above average defender, or a guy who can take his defender off the dribble whenever he wants to. His feet are just too big. No matter how hard he works, there's a ceiling to how well he can defend, and his ability to drive. We wonder why J-Rich takes so many jump shots, it's not that he's not trying to drive and create, but he's just not able to as well as other shooting guards in the league. I WISH WHAT I SAID ISN'T GOING TO BE TRUE (I STILL ALWAYS HOLD ON TO THE "WARRIOR HOPE" I'VE HELD ONTO FOR THE PAST DECADE), BUT I FEEL THAT IN ORDER TO BE A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM, WE NEED A SUPERSTAR WHO CAN DO ALL THAT J-RICH CAN DO NOW (ATHLETICISM, SHOOTING, REBOUNDING), BUT A WHOLE LOT MORE (DEFENSIVE STOPPER, DRIVING, CLUTCHNESS (its a whole lot easier to shoot a clutch jumper, when you can take your guy off the dribble and get yourself an open look)). We can't pay richardson a lot if we don't think he'll be that superstar for us. Right now, im not so convinced, but I really really really hope so.

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» Fri Jul 23, 2004 9:06 am
pawnograffiti wrote:I'd max out on Jrich ( in my opinion ) cause i think his upside is to hard to turn down... He'd be better if there was another superstar threat meaning teams wouldn't automatically collapse on D on him

You give max contracts to superstar players like Dirk, KG, Shaq, Kobe. Not guys like J-Rich who need another guy to take away the defensive pressure. The reason we had to get rid of Antawn was because he was getting superstar money when he is best as a 2nd or 3rd option. We shouldn't make the same mistake with J-Rich. I think 8 mill/yr at the most, and if he wants more we'll have to trade him before the all-star break so that we can be sure to get something back of use. We still have Pietrus who I think is better because of his defense. His offense is coming along, and tho his dunking isn't quite as extraordinary as J-Rich his Defense compensates greatly.

pawnograffiti wrote:But i don't understand BY why there was an option saying pay Murph and Dunleavy 8 mil but Jrich ain't worth that . Out of all 3 players . J rich is by far going to have the best career.

I think both Murph and Dunleavy can be better than J-Rich but because of his dunk championships, J-Rich is more popular. But from a winning games standpoint, I'd rather have Murph or Dunleavy holding the ball in big situations. Especially with J-Rich's inability to handle the ball. I'd like to keep all three, but if J-Rich wants 10 mill-max money, there's no way I do it.

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» Fri Jul 23, 2004 9:52 am
Regarding Murphy:

If he gets another double-double season. I don't see why not he doesn't get offered at least $10 million a year from other teams. Good big men are hard to find. Especially ones with three point range that can still hold their own inside. Unlike Dampier, everyone knows that Murphy works hard and improves from year to year. He bulked up big time after his rookie year and instantly became a double double guy. He increased his range the following offseason, but due to bad luck to injury, wasnt able to showcase it this past season. If Dampier can get offered contracts upwards of $10 million a year with question marks due to his work ethic, and only posted one double-double season in his 8 year career, then I don't see why Murphy can't get that much either (assuming he has a good year with no foot problems). Is he worth it for the Warriors? I don't know yet. I would have to wait and see the state of the warriors next off-season.

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» Fri Jul 23, 2004 10:16 am
Unless Richardson becomes an all-star off guard next year, I think it is very unlikely he will we stay with the Warriors. Maybe the Rockets will pull a Cleveland and let Yao opt out a year early and we can pull a Boozergate max offer to Yao. There is no love lost between Dan Fegan and Mullin (Arenas and Dampier), and only a low post player merits a max out contract (they make everyone else better). People like Dirk or Kobe, Peja help teams win games, but when their teams sink when the throw up bricks (last years playoffs). Right now J-Rich is not a their level so a 10M contract is paying for potential and not results. Should we become the Clippers and let J-Rich and Murphy walk (with Pietrus and Biedrins in the wing) to make a run at Yao? Personally, I think it is a no brainer, bring in servicable veterans (Rodney Rogers and Jimmy Jackson) to backup Biedrins and Pietrus and play for broke. When it comes to agents, who would you rather deal with (Bill Duffy, Fegan or Pelinka). I would put my money with Duffy who has brought superstars from China to Latvia to the NBA. We can't keep J-Rich and T-Murphy and get Yao and trade Dampier for garbage contracts (Battier).

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» Fri Jul 23, 2004 10:20 am
lets see if pawno changed his opinion about Richardson if he get traded after this season

i bet he will start posting bad stuff about J-Rich and his weaknesses, just like he did with NVE hahahaha :D
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» Fri Jul 23, 2004 8:31 pm
Azif Bex. Jrichardson is worth 11.5 Million a year. NVE ain't

As if i am gonna bag out on my favourite player and as well as if i'm gonna bag out on the best rebounding Gaurd in the league.

The fact he can score 20-25 points a night and rebound 6-7 boards a game. It's gotta put into perspective the contracts of people like CWebb , Abdur Rahim, etc who earn that much and are a clear 6 inches taller, But a Gaurd like Jrich shows them up in stat production.

This is the way i see it . Jrich improves every year in all statistics, His still not super strong on Assists , But that can improve. He made siginifgant improvements in boards and points, He dipped in Assists , But i believe that was due to having a totatlly different backcourt partner in ( Claxton, NVE ) compared to ( Arenas and Boykins ) .

Jrich plays very effectively against the young legs. His best point production game last season was against a MR LEBRON JAMES , where he nailed the sucka for 35. But then his weakest performance came when Kobe dropped 45 on him. I mean to say Jrich can't defend his bullshit cause Kobe can drop 45 on anybody. I think Jrich has the athleteism of a max contract. The only other players i have seen some of the moves he does are Lebron, Vince and Jordan . I think seen he is still very young at 23 means his still got more production. I think he will continue to shut down the younger inexpierienced players and will soon develop a game to dominate the vetren smarts of the league .

Jrich is max money , Dunleavy and Murphy ain't yet . IN MY OPINION .

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» Sat Jul 24, 2004 6:18 pm
pawno, man you are out of your mind
you are comparing JR to LBJ, MJ, and VC ?? that's BS and you know it.

yes JRICH can score 20-25 a night, and grab 6-7 rebounds, but didnt you watch the games where he scored 15 in the first half and like 4 for the rest of the game? or when he scored a mediocre 8-9 points in a game?

yes, j rich has had games like that, and most importantly, his defense still needs a lot of work (although it has improved from previous years). He also still need to work on his layups .. he missed a lot of running layups simply because he could not jump with one feet like MJ, LBC, or VC is capable of doing.
his legitimate offensive weapon is still very limited and we need those to develop before we give him max

consistency is also a problem with JR, and he needs to be more consistent before w's give him the money

i think antwan is a more consistent scorer that jrich and most people still think he dont deserve the max we game him.

i think if he can work on these, he will be worth max one day. but up to this point, it doesnt make any sense. I'd rather have MP start at shooting guard rather than having to give up max contract to JR.

In the end, i think MP can turn out to be a better player than JR because he is more versatile

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