Monta and the 14th pick for Maggette and the the 7th pick...

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» Tue Jun 24, 2008 6:57 pm
If I were Mullin I want to win now and increase our size at the SG spot will someone who is proven and can guard bigger players!!! We would have Maggette move to the SG and have money to resign Buke...Even if Buke could provide half the production of Monta we would not lose much!!!

You give me the 7th pick I would use that to draft Brook Lopez or an Anthony Randolph...

I would start Lopez, AB, S-Jax Maggette and BD...A lineup of 7'0, 6'11, 6'8, 6'6 and 6'3 would definitely help our rebounding and defense!!! Monta a gonna be a great scoring guard but that's all he does score!!!

I would pull a move like this off to improve in other positions for our team...If the Suns make this move we will be in getting Maggette and the 7th pick we are in trouble...

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» Wed Jun 25, 2008 11:19 am

Magette for Ellis, ur nuts! Ur biggest concern is signing Azubuke long term, so you would trade ellis for that? Now ive heard everything! Brook Lopez will be gone by the 7th pick, most likely 3rd or 4th.... randolph and maggette for ellis and our pick? NO WAY.

Remember, Monte is what 22 years old! he's got time to get better. This doesnt improve our team. And what happens when bdiddy goes unrestricted next year... team deproves dramatically, without a go to scorer. Monte for Life!

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