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» Mon Jun 09, 2008 3:31 pm
Note: Not my trade proposal its a trade idea from garlic boy from another forum i thought it was pretty interesting.

Al Harrington and Azbuike for Earl Watson, Chris Wilcox and 2nd rounder(#32)
Al $9.2 Million (2009 salary of $10)
Azbuike S/T $3-5 Million (Restricte free agent)

Wilcox $6.7 Million (2009 free agent)
Watson $6.2 Million (2009 salary of $6.2)

It's a very interesting trade scenario when we factor in that the length and amount of money involved is about equal. No long term commitments except for Kelenna Azubuike who is still young and would be a nice addition to any team. The question is what type of 2nd rounder will Seattle throw in. They have 4 2nd round picks. 2, 18, 20 and 26. If they give us the 2nd overall pick in the 2nd round I'd do it. The 18th no thanks. They also have 2 first rounders.

Seattle's Perspective: The money current and long term is equal, and they're basically giving up a 2nd rounder for Azubuike, which they can afford to do as they have 4 2nd round picks and 2 first rounders. Wilcox is a loss but he's going to be a free agent at the end of the year anyways. They also would get Al who can fill in at the 3/4 and they can move Collison back over to 4 and hope Swift, Sene or Petro step it up at the 5 position. Watson is not a loss at all if they draft Bayless or Mayo. They give up a 2nd rounder, but they don't have enough roster spots(12 taken) for all they're picks(6 total). They key for them is the addition of Kelenna.

Golden State's Perspective: They get a big man and a back-up PG that they can use to make a run at the playoffs with. There are no long term commitments and the overall money is equal. The big thing is, they are trading away a young solid wing in Kelenna Azubuike. However, he may have been a tad too expensive to keep anyways. In exchange, they do get the 32nd overall pick in the draft where many good players will still be available. The Dubs would also lose they're best 3 pt bomber, but with the loss of Azubuike and the addition of Wilcox, it gives Belinelli the perfect opportunity to step in and fill the void.

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» Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:17 pm
I like this trade. Wilcox would be 10X more useful to us at the 4 than Harrington, and we need Watson more than Buke. What i like the best though is that it clears us around 4 million next year.

Good trade for both teams but I doubt Seattle wants Harrington, maybe Indy will take him back for Ike?!?!

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