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» Fri Jun 06, 2008 7:48 pm
al harrington
14th pick(nikola batum)


kyle lowry
hakim warrick
28th pick(nikoli pekovic)

harrington is just what the grizz need, a versitile player that can play almost all positions and will fit in well along with miller,gay,navarrow
and the rest. With the 14th pick batum will make the grizz roster look a whole lot more respectable with them also picking love projected.
with their earlier pick.

as for the warriors they get the backup point guard they need in lowry, then they get the swingman in warrick we desperately need then we get the sleeper in the draft in pekovic that will also fill a big need in a back up
pf/c. bottom line is this will instantly improve our bench and fill our needs.


the rest is up in the air as far as pietrus,barnes,obryant,watson,croshere and buki goes.

free agents like elson and rush would be great.

as for the 44th pick bill walker (another sleeper) or who ever.

Gotta admit this trade is alot better the giving up wright and the 14th pick for yi.
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» Mon Jun 16, 2008 2:28 am
we dont need warrick... so this trade wouldnt help us at all... i mean to get lowry for harrington basically and downgrading our 14th pick to the 28th no thanks

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» Mon Jun 16, 2008 12:30 pm
id love to have warrick. could play 3/4 and would be great in this system. not a 3 point shooter but we have plenty of those. he's more of a slasher and with barnes and pietrus both potentially gone, warrick would be great. i wouldnt trade our pick tho. id say harrington for warrick and one of their picks would be good enough. of course salary wise theyd prolly have to throw someone else in there.

on their side of the trade they would get harrington who would be a good comliment to darko. harrington would be their face the basket post player and darko would be their back to basket post player.

we get and athletic combo forward that can rebound, score, and defend.

i dont think lowry would be much help here. nelson probably wouldnt use him much. he'd probably see cj watson type minutes. he's just not the type of floor general that our system needs.

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