WOW!!!......Non-US Peeps Can Watch Games On!!!

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PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2008 3:37 am
Well.................looks like theyve finally stopped screwing us global NBA fans out of being able to watch the playoffs!!!

I just went on and there was a link to "Watch The Conference Finals Live" and I thought "Ohh well, another teasing piece of crap that I wont be able to use because I dont live in the US".................but its FOR EVERYONE!!! and you can watch archived games too!!!

Check it out =

Although that link might be just for me in the UK (with the UK in the link there and the site recognises my IP address)..............but if your not American, and you want to watch the Conf. Finals and Finals, then go to and you should have a big banner that says "Watch the Conferenc Finals - Live Online - Click Here"

Lets hope they carry some of this over to the regular season.................although Im sure they wont.

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