Shaq dady is out!

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» Sat Nov 05, 2005 12:19 am
Damn, premier week and the big diesel is out for 2-4 weeks with a hurt ancle. How do you think this affects Miami's chances in the East Coast Playoffs?

Personally, even though this is early in the season, I think it is a big hit to a team with a group of stars that don't know how to play together. Of course, Shaq and Wayde can play together, we know that, but with the addition of Walker and Mourning having to step up with Shaq's absense, there are going to be more cons than pros.

Mouring gets more minutes
Teams prepares for the worst in the future (if shaq goes out again)

The team still doesn't have an identiy and will not get one until Shaq returns and they play at least a month together.
Team looses games (enough said)
Once Mouring, Walker and Wayde get in a groove Shaq returns and they will have to do it all over again
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» Sat Nov 05, 2005 12:28 am
You're overthinking, Big Man. Shaq's loss to the Heat is a blow moreso because they've lost their main gun (make no mistake about Dwayne Wade averaging more points and Shaq giving him props about it; whatever! Shaq effects the Heat's win/loss ratio more than Wade). Zo needs to pace himself into the starting role again. He's one of the best centers of our generation, but his kidneys have held him back for the past 5 or 6 years. Alonzo needs to be careful about the whole thing.

As far as Wade, Walker, and Williams go, I think they'll all be okay. Walker found a nice groove in the lineup early, whereas Williams still hasn't found his role yet, and Wade is pretty much the benchmark. Not being able to feed the ball into Shaq as a default play calls for more run and gun from the Wade-Williams backcourt... more risky, injury-wise, and it's gonna drain their energy faster, but it's what they gotta do.

But a 2-4 week injury wont touch Miami's chances at the playoffs. Shaq will be back well before the all-star break, so they'll be alright. Besides, I see a lot of good players stepping it up in O'Neal's absense. With Zo, GP, Walker, and JDub on the roster, everyone's looking to become the 3rd member of a possible Big Three in Miami... look for Walker to step his game up and score/rebound in O'Neal's absense. Miami will be okay; they've got enough weapons to cover a wounded solider... even if he is the biggest gun they got.

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