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» Fri Apr 18, 2008 7:29 am
Since most people check the main forum and not the other forums, I thought I'd create this thread here.

Make your predictions for each playoff series and give an explanation of why you think so. We'll do this per round so right now, only give predictions for the first round.

TMC or any other moderator, if you could sticky this thread it would be good beause it could get very interactive until playoffs are over.

My Predictions:

Western Conference

#1 L.A. Lakers v #8 Denver: Lakers in 6
I don't think the Nugs will defend well enough to win this series, though they could well do ofcourse. It all depends on the shooting of Iverson and Carmelo (which is usually good but can fall from time to time), whether Lakers can score with the Nuggets and whether the interior player for Denver can defend Gasol and Odom (maybe even Bynum if he does play) well enough. I truly believe that both these teams are very evenly matched and don't see how the Lakers can counter the duo of Iverson/Carmelo with a duo of their own but really they may not have to, as they seem to get pretty good scoring from some three or four other players. I think Denver needs a fully healthy KMart in this series, as he showed in the last two weeks before the final week of the season that he can still be a very good player, especially defensively and inside. I think the duo of KMart and Camby is quite a bit better than Gasol and Odom defensively and that will be a big factor and interesting to see;
how well KMart and Camby defend and play overall.
Fisher is very important to the Lakers as if he has a good series, they could win well but if he doesn't, they could lose easily.

I want to review the matchups that I believe will happen and the keys in each one -
*Kobe v Iverson - These two may not actually matchup that often but are the biggest factors for their teams, Kobe moreso. The days of Iverson scroing more than Kobe are gone and I believe Iverson runs a team better than Kobe and will have to in this series. Iverson still has to score well but it is his defense on Fisher and whoever else he guards that is upmost important. I'm not sure whether Kobe will guard Carmelo but if he does, his job on him will be huge.
I don't give the advantage here to either guy and both need to be big for their teams in ways besides just scoring.

*Odom v Carmelo - Not sure if these two will guard each other most of the time but Odom will have to use his size, rebounding and playmaking abilities as much as possible, as Carmelo looks to outscore him by a fair bit. Carmelo defending Odom will not be that easy either but fact is that Odom is the one of the Lakers stars that fades away the most.
I give the advantage to Carmelo, more because he is the second main player of the Nuggets but Odom may be the X factor in the Lakers being the better team.

*Gasol v Camby - Camby will guard the best interior player of the Lakers and that is Gasol. Camby has to outrebound Gasol and be a defensive monster in this series, like he has so many times in his career. If Camby can limit Gasol, it will be a huge advantage for Denver.
Advantage is slightly to Gasol right now and this, to me, is the matchup that is closest and could be most important.

*Bynum v KMart - Not sure Bynum will play in this series but if he does, this matchup is also very important. Maybe Camby would guard Bynum if he did play but both these guys in this matchup are seen as outsiders of the big players of both teams somewhat.

Lakers should be favourites in this series but Denver could easily win as they have the players to be the best team in the West, if not the nba.

#2 New Orleans v #7 Dallas: Dallas in 6
Really think the Mavs got the best matchup they could have hoped for. The Hornets are totally inexperienced and could well fall to bits in their first playoffs in a long time. The Mavs must really be hungry for some playof success after last season's embarrassment. JKidd must finally make this team better, something he has done to every team has has been on and try to atleast be even with Chris Paul, the potential MVP.

Matchups -
*Paul v Kidd - Chris Paul has shpwn he has the ability to be one of the greatest PGs of alltime, already being an MVP candidate in just his third year. Kidd is the benchmark for all PGs in the league right now, as he has been one of the most pure PGs in nba history all his career. This could be his last horrah in the playoffs (as he may be traded if Mavs lose so early or just retire) and he has to make this team better, as he hasn't really thus far. I expect Kidd to come out with everything he has, realising that this Mavs team is the best he has ever been on and his best chance for a championship.
Advantage is clearly to Paul right now but Kidd is still an alltime great PG who can make others around him better and that is his biggest job; not to score all himself but to elevate others and he might do that from now on.

*Peja v JHoward - Josh Howard is an allstar caliber player that is a very good defender and has risen his game every year. Peja is a former allstar that is not as good as he was but is still a dangerous scorer and that is where he is most valuable to the Hornets, scoring, more to the point, three point shoting. Howard has to guard him tough and minimise his open looks. If he does that, Peja could well be a picture on the wall for the Hornets because he does little else.
Advantage is clearly to Josh Howard and he could be the best player in this series, as the Hornets have noone to stay with him.

*West v Dirk -This matchup is the most even of them all in this series, with West, the new allstar, becoming a real good player the last two seasons and Dirk, last season's MVP, still a superstar. Dirk didn't step up in last season's playoffs an he must be hungry to prove that he is a real superstar and capable of taking the Mavs to a championship.
Advantage is to Nowitzki but David West has been great this season and could easily outplay him this series.

*Mo Peterson/Bonzi Wells v Jason Terry/Jerry Stackhouse - This matchup is what will likely determine the winner of this series. I see the rotation of Terry/Stackhouse as one of the most potent in the nba and if Stackhouse is healthy (as he was injured the last week of the season), this duo can fill it up in a hurry and all night. Peterson and Wells are not what they used to be and have been somewhat disappointing this season but they will have to play up to the Mavs duo for the Hornets to have a chance of winning.
Advantage is to Terry/Stackhouse but they can also shoot awfully and if they do it is a real hinderance for the Mavs.

*Chandler v Dampier - Chandler has been real good this season and become the dirty work big man that the Hornets needed. Dampier is not what he used to be but he is a great rebounder and shot blocker and that is all the Mavs need him to be and his play in this series is huge because if he can come close to matching Chandler on rebounding and defense, the Mavs might well run away with the series.

#3 San Antonio v #6 Phoenix: Phoenix in 6 (could be 7)
I've wanted San Antonio to win in the past but not this year. This time it is Phoenix that should win it all. The Suns have enough experience now to not be fazed by nothing and more size with the Shaq ofcourse. The Spurs have less talent but slightly more experience than the Suns but have nothing to offer that Suns can't handle. Suns have to finally win a championship for that city that has waited so long.

Matchups -
*Nash v Parker - This could be the closest matchup for these two teams as both PGs have played well this season and for some three or four seasons now. Nash has Parker everywhere except speed and that is where Parker must exploit Nash in order to outplay him. Nash has to control the Suns like he always does and try to minimise Parker as best he can.
Advantage is slightly to Nash but Parker could have a big series as Nash is not a great defender. Nash himself could explode and have a huge series.

*Shaq v Oberto/KThomas - Shaq has been a monster the last two weeks or so and has done it mostly in under 30mins a game. He has been a rebounder monster as well and he is the biggest issue for the Spurs in this series. Shaq has just too much of everything for either Oberto and Kurt Thomas and should be able to score on them at will should he be guarded in single coverage, which is unlikely. Only health can limit Shaq and he has been healthy for a while now.
Advantage goes to Shaq and likely Popovich will devise a team strategy to slow down Shaq and get the ball out of his hands. Shaq has to be a great defender, even guarding Duncan should it be needed. Shaq can show in these playoffs that he really is an alltime great winner and capable of bringing a championship to Phoenix.

*Amare v Duncan - Duncan has been arguably the best player in the nba for the last ten years, winning two MVPs back to back and four championships in nine years but Amare is now better than ever and a true superstar that is, to me, the most dominant player in the nba right now as he has been on a tear the last month or so. Amare has to attack Duncan and make him work defensively and then defend Duncan well. I think it is offensively where Amare will slightly out do Duncan and duncan will find himself concentrating on Amare too much to be as effective in the Spurs team play.
Advantage is slightly, very slightly to Amare but Duncan can easily outplay him in this series. Amare is set to be an alltime great and a championship could be the first step in that.

*Bell v Ginobili - Ginobili is the X factor, not just in this series but the whole playoffs I think, as he has the ability to score 30pts on any given night and then do next to nothing the next. He has been hampered by injuries the last two weeks or so and must be healthy and at his best for the spurs to win. Bell is a good defender and very good outside shooter and he could also come up big in this series if not guarded properly.
Advantage goes slightly to Ginobili but only if he is healthy. Bell could very easily produce more than Ginobili and that would most certainly mean the Spurs get spanked in this series if that happens.

*GHill v Bowen - Bowen is a dirty cunnt, we all now it and he has been successful being one but it is what it is and Spurs have had lots of success with this pretty much non nba caliber player starting at SF for them. Grant Hill is an alltime great but somewhat a shadow of his former self. He still has plenty of talent and ability and will have to do his bit in this series.
Advantage I think goes to Hill but Bowen could easily be a major factor in this series, even if just doing something to completely rattle the Suns and make then lose their composure.

#4 Utah v #5 Houston: Utah in 6 (could be 7)
As much as I want TMac and the Rockets to go past the first round, I just don't think they'll beat Utah, even though the Jazz have been pretty bad away from home and they won't have home court advantage, they didn't last year either and they won in Houston in game 7. What the Rockets have done this season, especially after Yao went down for the rest of the season has been amazing and unexpected but the Jazz should step up a little more than they do. TMac has to be huge but the Rockets this season, especially the last three weeks, have been mostly about the rest of their players and how they have all stepped up. I think the bench clearly favours Houston, with the likes of Bobby Jackson and Chuck Hayes or Scola (which ever doesn't start) doing what they have to. Utah's starting five though is just among the best there is.

Matchups -
*Deron v Alston - Alston has been great since the winning streak and has risen himself to being a real good PG but he has his hands full here. Deron Williams is a top 5 PG and should have a huge series. Alston has to shoot well from the outside and pass well also. Alston's play against Deron will be a big indicator of the chances Houston has in this series.
Advantage goes to Deron and to me, by quite a fair bit as he is consistently great while Alston is inconsistent.

*Brewer v Head - The most quiet of the matchups but the one that plays the best could well decide the difference between the two teams. Brewer is a good defender and hard worker that does what he has to. He is not looked on to score but has done so a few times this season. Luther Head is an outside shooter more than anything else but one of the best there is and when he is on, which can be often, he can hit many threes and long range shots in a short period of time. It is the defense of Brewer on Head that is key in keeping Head in check.
Advantage in this matchup is pretty hard to tell so I'll call it even but either player can completely outplay the other in production and effectiveness for his team.

*Kirilenko v TMac - AK47 is not as good as he used to be for whatever reason but he still plays his role of defender and relative allround player quite well. He has his hands full though with TMac and will find it hard to guard him when TMac is running around. AK has to attack McGrady on offensive when ever he can and really outrebound him as rebounding and defense is what Kirilenko does best for the Jazz now. McGrady has to be huge this series and bigger than what he normally is because his teammates could well disappear when they realise the spotlight on them. TMac is experienced and should be so hungry to finally get out of the first round that he has to be a monster in this series.
Advantage goes to TMac and by alot but AK can be a huge factor in this series if he can slow him down somewhat.

*Boozer v Scola/Hayes - Scola has been one of the main players in Houston's winning streak and strong finish to the season and he will have to score real well in this series for the Rockets to win. Hayes is just a hard worker whose great hustle and dirty work is so valuable to Rockets. Boozer is a monster but hasn't been as big as I thought he would be this season. He is still a top 10 PF, if not top 5 and should manhandle Scola or anyone else the Rockets throw at him.
Advantage goes to Boozer but if Scola gets hot and Boozer can't defend him well, the difference is quite minimal between the two so Boozer has to keep with Scola.

*Okur v Mutumbo - Okur is a rare Center in that he has a great outside shot and likes to take threes, even though he is 7ft tall and is pretty good inside. This makes it harder for Mutombo, the great defender but primarily inside player who is older than anyone in the nba. What ever defensive effectiveness Mutombo can have on Okur will be huge but likely he'll be asked to guard Boozer a fair bit, as he is more of an inside player and thus easier for Dikembe to handle.
Advantage goes to Okur but can disappear at times as well so his ability to get free for open shots is huge. Mutombo could really be a difference maker in this series if he is able to defend the interior like the monster he has been in past years.

Eastern Conference

#1 Boston v #8 Atlanta: Celtics in 5
This matchup may seem like a total one sided situation but the Atlanta Hawks are young and talented and could well surprise the Celtics. I don't see them winning the series but do see them taking a game at least. The Celts have the big three and a supporting cast that was surprisingly better than expected with some young guys playing well and some veterans picked up during the season, wanting a championship. The Hawks have a core that consists of Bibby, JJohnson and JSmith that is pretty young but has some experience. Bibby and JJohnson especially have had a fair amount of playoff experience with the Kings and Suns respectively. Key for the Hawks is defense and guarding Garnett, who is the most dominant inside player in this series.

Matchups -
*Bibby v Rondo/Cassell - Bibby has the most talent of all the PGs in this series but is somewhat less than what he was in his strong years with the Kings. He is a real factor in this series and if he plays well, Hawks have a much better chance of winning. Rondo did real well holding the PG spot for the Celts where it was thought he might crumble under the pressure. Cassell was picked up to add veteran presence and a player who can really step up in the clutch.
Advantage goes to noone really as Bibby has not been super since going to the Hawks, good, but not super. He has to outplay the Celt's PGs for them to have any chance of winning.

*JJohnson v RAllen - Joe Johnson has again had a great season but he is up against another elite SG in Ray Allen, though Allen has stepped back a bit with Pierce and Garnett next to him. JJ has to defend Allen real well and make him close to a non factor for the Hawks to have a chance of winning the series and that is unlikely.
Advantage goes to JJohnson but only because he has to do more for the Hawks, being their best player while RAllen is the Celt's third best.

*MWilliams/Childress v Pierce - Both Marvin Williams and Josh Childress get a fair amount of court time and do well in their time on the court and both will have to be that way in this series. Marvin is more of a scorer than defender it seems and Childress seems to be a pretty good defender but both will be struggling to guard Paul Pierce, an elite player in his years in the nba.
Advantage goes to Pierce who finally has a team that can go all the way and Marvin and Childress have to be at their best to neutralise this matchup.

*JSmith v Garnett - Josh Smith is one of the best young forwards in the nba but he is up against one of the best players full stop in the nba. JSmith has to be at his defensive best to slow down Garnett and though he is definately an elite defender in the nba, it is unlikely he will be able to slow down the much bigger Garnett. Smith has to score well also, something he does only half the time it seems, and run the floor often and hard.
Advantage goes to Garnett who finally has a team that can win it all. Garnett won't have it easy against JSmith but won't let the chance to get to the nba finals pass him.

*Horford v Perkins - Al Horford is the second best rookie this season and has done the dirty work for the Hawks very well. He is more of a PF than center but that can be said about many Centers in the nba. He is similar to Kendrick Perkins in that they both do the hard work for their teams but he is a bit more offensively talented and anything he can give the Hawks on offense will be big.
Advantage is slightly to Horford but both players are defenders and rebounders primarily. Horford is an X factor for the Hawks and could provide a real difference if he plays well.

#2 Detroit v #7 Philadelphia: Pistons in 5
I think this matchup is pretty even talentwise but performance wise, Detroit is still too experienced, too good defensively and too big in the big games than Philly. Sixers need all their best players firing to win a game, let alone the series and that is very unlikely.

Matchups -
*Billups v AMiller - Andre Miller could really outplay Billups quite easily in this series as he has been very good this season and somewhat a forgotten PG by most people. He is a passing great and more of a playmaker than Billups. Miller needs to out do Billups for the Sixers to have any sort of chance in this series.
Advantage is really not to either player but Miller is the one that has to come up big for his team to have a chance.

*Hamilton v Green - Rip is still a bit injured with his hip so somewhat of a concern for the Pistons. Willie Green is pretty good for the Sixers and could be a factor in this series.
Advantage goes to Hamilton as he is a big time player and a more consistent performer than Green but it all depends on his health.

*Iguodala v Prince - Iguodala is one of the best young players in the nba and looks to become a superstar soon and he will have to outplay Prince in this series and by alot for the Sixers to have a chance. Prince is a very good defender and if he can minimise Iggy in this series, Pistons have it much easier.
Advantage goes to Iguodala but Prince is a noted stopper and won't be easy to score on.

*Evans v RWallace - Reggie Evans is a defender and rebounder only, nothing more. Rasheed Wallace, though not as aggressive as he should be on the court, is still a much more talented player in this matchup. Evans has to outrebound Wallace and do what he can to limit his touches which could well happen since Wallace sometimes just doesn't shoot much.
Advantage goes to RWallace but Evans can do his bit with the dirty work and will have to in this series.

*Dalembert v McDyess - Dalembert is the biggest factor in this series for the Sixers as if he plays well, rebounding and shot blocking like a madman, as well as scoring some, the Sixers have a great chance in this series. McDyess is a capable player still and steps up when needed so Dalembert must have a big series.
Advantage goes slightly to Dalembert but only if he is on his game otherwise McDyess is better.

#3 Orlando v #6 Toronto: Orlando in 7
This matchup looks to be the best and closest in the East in the first round and should be real exciting. Two young big superstars, lots of great outside shooters and young PGs that could be the difference. Both these teams have high hopes for the future and could be powers in the East for many years but right now, both just need to get the playoff experience. Neither team is likely to go to the finals but either can and have the talent to do so.

Matchups -
*Nelson/Arroyo v Ford/Calderon - What will likely be the deciding factor in this series is by how much the Raptors PGs outplay the Magic PGs. Jameer Nelson has been a disappointment his entire career so far and he is not a bad PG but not the star it was thought he would be. TJ Ford and Calderon give the best PG duo in the nba and both control the game like few other PGs.
Advantage is very much to Ford/Calderon and the Magic PGs must play as well as they can for the Magic to win this series.

*Parker v Evans - Both these players are role players for their teams and more to the point, outside shooters. Both have good and bad games and they can be the difference for their teams in winning this series.
Advantage goes to neither player, though Anthony Parker might have a very slight edge but nothing really. Both can step up and be the difference any game.

*Moon v Turkoglu - Jamario Moon was a big surprise for the Raptors and without him, maybe they wouldn't even be in the playoffs this season. He is more of a defender than anything else and a good one at that but he does have an ability to score and hit outside shots. Turkoglu, a big candidate for MIP, is a great scorer and playmaker and he has to do what he has done all season for the Magic in this series.
Advantage goes to Turkoglu but Moon could slow him down a bit.

*Bosh v Lewis - It is more likely that Bosh will be matched up against Rashard Lewis, as Nesterovic has been very good the last few weeks and Bargnani has been a major disappointment. Both these players are slender in build but Bosh is more of an inside player and Lewis an outside shooter. Lewis has to hit those three this series and rebound some as well.
Advantage goes to Bosh but Lewis is a handful when he is hitting his shots, which is pretty often, so Bosh will have to go outside and defend him if he indeed sees alot of time guarding Lewis. Bosh is the main player for Toronto and must have a huge series for them to win.

*Nesterovic v Dwight - Rasho Nesterovic has been a huge surprise for the Raptors and a welcome one, as they needed his strong inside play the last few weeks. He must do all he can to slow down Dwight Howard, unlikely but possible. Dwight is very young and a real monster inside and he will likely have a big series.
Advantage goes to Dwight but anything Nesterovic can do against him is a major plus.

#4 Cleveland v #5 Washington: Cavs in 7
This is another very close matchup that is possibly ruled by injuries to Washington's key players. Butler is not 100% right now, as is Jamison and Arenas is still coming back from being out some three months. If they were all healthy, I'd pick the Wiz to win this year but they aren't so Cavs have a big advantage.

Matchups -
*Delonte v Daniels/Arenas - Daniels has done a very good job starting while Arenas was injured, playmaking well and scoring a bit too. Delonte West has his hands full if Arenas gets alot of court time, which may happen after the first couple of game. Arenas is a huge factor in this series because he is a nightmare to guard.
Advantage goes to Wizards because Arenas is back, otherwise it would be quite even.

*Pavlovic v Stevenson - Pavlovic may be the starting SG here ahead of Brown and in this matchup, both these players are lesser production players for their teams. Stevenson does do well from time to time but he is outside the big three for his team.
Advantage goes to Stevenson as he has stepped up a few times this season and can score in bunches at times. Definately a matchup that could mean the difference in the series if one of these players steps up.

*Lebron v Butler - Lebron James is the best player in the nba and will be for many years and he carries a pretty untalented team pretty far yet again. Butler is not fully healthy, otherwise he offers a good matchup for James, but I wouldn't be surprised if he does have a couple of big games in this series, possibly meaning the difference. He'll have to be healthy and playing well for the Wizards to win the series.
Advantage goes to King James and he'll have to again carry the Cavs to winning the series, all series they're in.

*BWallace v Jamison - BWallace is not quite what he used to be but his job is to rebound and defend and he does that very well. He has his hands full with Jamison who is a very good rebounder himself and a great scorer. Jamison has to make Wallace go outside and defend him and that will take away a big post defender for the Cavs.
Advantage goes to Jamison but Wallace can play his role well and be a big factor for the Cavs in this series. Jamison has to play big and do what he has been doing all season.

*Big Z v Haywood - This matchup is probably the closest of all in this series. Ilgauskas can still play well and had a good season but Haywood is one of the best up and coming Centers in the nba this season. Big Z has to score well and keep Haywood off the boards.
Advantage is prbably very slightly to Big Z but really even and the one that plays better could decinde the series.

The first round matchups are very even and will be interesting to see who comes out on top. There could easily be upsets everywhere
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» Fri Apr 18, 2008 8:16 am
migya wrote:Since most people check the main forum and not the other forums, I thought I'd create this thread here.

TMC or any other moderator, if you could sticky this thread it would be good beause it could get very interactive until playoffs are over.


This should go in the NBA forum, but you're right that more people will post if it's here, so I'm gonna leave it here for now.

I'll post mine later.
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» Sat Apr 19, 2008 2:20 am
Can't believe nobody has posted in this thread yet...

Ok, these are mine:

Western Conference

#1 L.A. Lakers v #8 Denver: Lakers in 5

Denver's D is almost as bad as ours (well, not quite... but close. Only Camby saves them). They have a lot of scoring potential, but they also won't be able to stop Kobe and Pau. I think the Lakers will take care of them pretty quickly.

Entertaining series, but I would be SHOCKED if Denver wins more than 2 games (and I bet for just one)

#2 New Orleans v #7 Dallas: New Orleans in 6

Most people are picking the Mavs to win this one... but I can't see it. There's a reason why NO was in the run for best team in the west til the final games, and it goes by the name of Chris Paul. CP has been outplaying any single PG he has played against this season, and Kidd won't be an exception.

We all know that Dirk chokes in the playoffs (I do expect him to have his numbers as always, but I also think he won't be able to stop David West), so Dallas is gonna need a MONSTER series by Josh Howard to have a chance at winning this series.

#3 San Antonio v #6 Phoenix: Phoenix in 7

I think Phoenix has improved this season over last year, but it wasn't because of Shaq's trade (well, it is... but directly as a consquence of having Shaq). The reason why they're so dangerous is that now Amare is playing at his natural PF position, where he belongs, and is having an insane season since Marion was traded. I really think this is the year the Suns can (and will) defeat the Spurs in the playoffs.

#4 Utah v #5 Houston: Utah in 6

I just don't think Houston is good enough to defeat Utah without Yao. All the matchups favor the Jazz except for T-Mac and Houston is back to earth after that insane 22 game streak. Should be a good series, but I see more talent on the Jazz to take it.

Eastern Conference

#1 Boston v #8 Atlanta: Celtics in 4

Best think I can say about the Hawks is that their young guys will get some much needed experience for the future.

#2 Detroit v #7 Philadelphia: Pistons in 4

Same as Boston vs Atlanta, altough I expect Philly to be a harder test for the Pistons (which doesn't mean they'll win any games... just that the games won't be over by the third quarter).

#3 Orlando v #6 Toronto: Toronto in 6

Bosh has destroyed Dwigh every time they've faced each other (except one game where Bosh was coming back from an injury. Of course Dwight will also get his numbers, but Toronto is more balanced than Orlando (whose PGs are turnover machines, as opposed to the Raptors ones)

The X-factor is Sam Mitchell, who I consider as one of the worst coaches in the league. If Orlando has any chance at winning this, it will be because of him.

#4 Cleveland v #5 Washington: Wizards in 7

Cleveland hasn't improved with their mid-season trade. Actually, I think they're even worse than before the trade. Lebron is gonna have a monster series (with some help from the refs, I'm sure of it) and will be enough to win a few games for the Cavs, but I see a lot more talent in Washington than in Cleveland. I think Washington has a great chance of winning these series.
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» Sat Apr 19, 2008 5:48 am
TMC wrote:Can't believe nobody has posted in this thread yet...

I think the epic length of Mig's has scared them all off............including me slightly, ALL WILL BE PALE IN COMPARISON! :wink:

Although Ill probably post my thoughts on the matchups like yours later. :mrgreen:
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» Sat Apr 19, 2008 8:34 am
Ok............hears mine =

Western Conference

1st - Fakers vs 8th - Denver

Well, what can you say here...........Denver the team that plays as good an offense and as bad a defense as us.

Fakers bench is key, as we all know what Kobe/Pau vs A.I/Melo is going produce..............and the Fakers bench is better.

I think Odom with his length, is going to slow down Melo abit. However Denver are monstrous at home, and have the edge inside without Bynum around.

Tough one really, could be a sweep, could go long = Im going with Fakers in 5.

2nd - Newarlens (spelt like that on purpose) vs 7th - Dallas

Another tough one, Dallas has the depth and experience, Hornets have the form and guys in the prime of there life/career.

Paul vs Kidd is going to fascinating, although Im sure Terry will guard Paul for the most part.

As TMC said, Dirk will get his but choke as usually does. I expect Chandler to have a better than his average offensive series. Paul will hopefully solidify his MVP status (I just dont want Kobe to get it).

However!!!..........Im going Dallas in 7.

3rd - Spurs vs 6th - Phoenix

How much does it suck to have these two matched in the first round? alot...........when you look at the east, having only 2 real potential champions, and here we have in this series alone..........2 potential champions.

All depends on how Shaq can counter act the Suns bogey team.......that is San Antonio. Im not sure he has enough in the tank, Im not sure him and Amare alone are enough to change the reasons why the Spurs have knocked them out so many times.

Plus, the Spurs are resiliant bastards, always step it up for the playoffs, always prove the doubters/haters wrong.

Im going Spurs in 7........with some controversey as always

4th - Utah vs 5th - Houston

TMAC...........Im IS going to happen again.

Utah getting the home court advantage (which I still think is bullsh*t given that 2 teams had a better record than Utah, including Houston) the deal breaker.

Without Yao, without anyone really to step out on Okur, stop Boozer inside, defend Williams...........its a tough one for Houston to pull out.

Utah in 5.

Eastern Conference

Before I start...........god damn this is ridiculous!!! looking at the matchups I just did, and now these??? pathetic.

1st - Boston vs 8th - Atlanta

What can you say...........The Big Three vs Bibby/Johnson/Smith............great threesome for Atlanta but not enough.

The Celtics will over run them, in pretty much all areas..........Alien Head will step it up for the playoffs and hit some daggers in the away games. Bibby still looks a shadow of his former self, Johnson is too inefficient.

Celtics on there way to the title with a sweep.

2nd - Detroit vs 7th - 76'ers

Once again.............a pathetic matchup really............Detroit will exploit every one of there weaknesses and just over power them in every area.

76'ers get some good experience, run around, provide some entertainment.............Detroit gets some rest to match Celtics when they get there in the conference finals.

Detroit in 4.

3rd - Orlando vs 6th - Raptors

Interesting one...........two good 3 point shooting teams, two great big men...........PG battles and turnovers are key.

I think the Howard/Lewis/Turkoglu combo vs Bosh/.............and.............and..........well, no-one going to come up trumps.

Plus, Stan Van Gundy will out coach Mitchell in every way possible.

Orlando in 6.

4th - Cavs vs 5th - Wizards

Although the critism of the Cavs and there talent level/ability to gell together when it matters, is somewhat just............I think the nagging injuries/lack of court time for the Wizards, and general depth, is going to negate it

LeBron goes off as usual, Big Ben steps it up finally since his leaving Detroit............and the Wiz just break down (Arenas is starting the series off the bench, so I heard)

Cleveland in 5.

Well..........Im sure most of that will probably be the opposite, especially in the West but hey...........thats the beauty of playoff basketball, theres always going to shocks somewhere.

I think this is one of the toughest playoffs ever to predict (except for Boston and Detroit of course)..........given that all the matchups in the West are good/great teams and most of them in the East are in-experience/crappy teams.

And it all starts today.
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» Sat Apr 19, 2008 8:59 am
Bigs, Houston has homecourt advantage, not Utah, but Utah will still win :wink:
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» Sat Apr 19, 2008 9:42 am
migya wrote:Bigs, Houston has homecourt advantage, not Utah, but Utah will still win :wink:

Really???............I thought because they had the 4th seed (because of there division win and not the overall record) meant that they had the homecourt over the 5th it always worked with 4th vs 5th...........weird?

So Houston have the homecourt advantage because of there record but not the seed..........that makes no sense and is largely pointless dont you think?

If thats the case, how about Phoenix having a better record than Utah, what do they get? home court advantage if they meet, even though they are seeded 2 places below Utah.............I dont get it. :shock:
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» Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:08 pm

Western Conference

#1 L.A. Lakers v #8 Denver: Lakers in 5

No upset this year for the 8th seed. The Lakers aren't Dallas and the Nuggets don't have the Lakers number like the Warriors had the Mavericks. The Lakers are just too balanced and too good for these Nuggets.

#2 New Orleans v #7 Dallas: New Orleans in 7

Very entertaining series as the match up everyone will be watching is the Chris Paul vs Jason Kidd in a youth vs experience match up. Chris is arguably the best point guard in the game today. Kidd is arguably one of the top five-ten point guards ever. Both teams are equally matched so it could go either way.

#3 San Antonio v #6 Phoenix: Phoenix in 7

I think this is the year that the Suns finally beat the Spurs because of the difference maker which is having Shaq. The match ups are evenly matched but like I said, having Shaq should get this team over finally.

#4 Utah v #5 Houston: Utah in 5

Without Yao Ming, I don't think this team could finally get past the second round. There's just really no one to control or maintain Boozer down low. And there's no one good enough to keep Deron in check. The Jazz should easily take this.

Eastern Conference

#1 Boston v #8 Atlanta: Celtics in 4

It's great to see the Hawks back in the playoffs. But too bad they'll have to face the Big 3.

#2 Detroit v #7 Philadelphia: Detroit in 6

I actually think Philly could pull an upset, but I'm going to go with experience before inexperienced.

#3 Orlando v #6 Toronto: Orlando in 7

I think this will be a close series. The upset alert is on but I think the Magic will take it.

#4 Cleveland v #5 Washington: Cleveland in 7

LeBron has a tougher challenge this time around as the Wizards finally have everyone playing together. Last year was a walk in the park. This year will be tougher, especially since the Cavs role players don't really help LeBron offensively so it'll be up to the bench and role guys to step up or the King will be gone fishin' early.

Western Conference Semi-Finals

#1 Los Angeles vs #4 Utah: Lakers in 6

This should be a good series and it's pretty evenly matched. I'm not sure who to root for in this series since I hate both teams.

#2 New Orleans vs #6 Phoenix: Suns in 7.

Once again, another youth vs experience match up. The thing is, Paul plays like he's been in the league just as long as Kidd and Nash but more dominant. But like I said before, I think having Shaq changes everything.

Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

#1 Boston vs #4 Cleveland: Celtics in 6

LeBron's road should end here as the Celtics inch closes to a return to the Finals. The Big 3 and their role players should outplay LeBron and his role players.

#2 Orlando vs #3 Detroit: Magic in 7

This series should go down to the seventh final game. But I think Orlando should take this one.

Western Conference Finals

#1 Los Angeles vs #6 Phoenix: Suns in 7

With Shaq wearing a Suns uniform now, it'll come down to who wants it more. I don't think the Shaq factor will matter anymore especially since Bynum should be back to up against the Diesel. The Lakers have something to prove as they've lost to the Suns in the playoffs the last few years. This time it's this is to advance to the Finals and the stakes are high.

Eastern Conference Finals

#1 Boston vs #2 Orlando: Celtics in 7

The reason why I don't give it to Boston so easily is because Orlando has proven they can beat the Celtics anywhere on any given night to go along with the Big 3 not having much experience getting this far. Then again, so does Orlando.

NBA Finals

#1 Boston vs #6 Phoenix: Suns in 7

This should be a close series but the Suns can easily run the Celtics out of the building if they want. Containing the Big 3 shouldn't be real tough since they have the players to do it so this year, I crown the Suns as the NBA's champs.
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» Sat Apr 19, 2008 2:28 pm

Western Conference

#1 L.A. Lakers v #8 Denver: Lakers in 5

#2 New Orleans v #7 Dallas: Dallas in 7

#3 San Antonio v #6 Phoenix: Spurs in 7

#4 Utah v #5 Houston: Utah in 6

Eastern Conference

#1 Boston v #8 Atlanta: Celtics in 4

#2 Detroit v #7 Philadelphia: Detroit in 5

#3 Orlando v #6 Toronto: Orlando in 6

#4 Cleveland v #5 Washington: Cleveland in 7
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» Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:48 pm
Lakers over Nuggets in 5

Hornets over Mavs in 7

San Antonio over Phoenix in 6

Utah over Houston in 7

Boston over Atlanta in 5

Detroit over Phila in 6

Toronto over Orlando in 7

Cleveland over Washington in 5

Starting Lineup
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» Sun Apr 20, 2008 2:24 pm
I agree, Migya's matchups are pretty intimidating.
I'm a day late but.
Lakers Vs. Nugs -----Lakers in 5
Hornets vs. Mavs-----Hornets in 7
Suns vs. Spurs--------Spurs in 7 ( best matchup of all ---duh!)
Jazz vs. Rockets------Jazz in 6
Junior Circuit
Celtics vs. Hawks-----Celtics in 4
Pistons vs. Sixers-----Pistons in 5
Magic vs. Raptors-----Magic in 7
Cavs vs. Wizards-----Cavs in 7
Finals Celtic vs. Spurs
Champs----Spurs again
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» Sun Apr 20, 2008 5:27 pm
Uh ohhh, Sixers have a chance to win game one against the Pistons. Like I said, the Pistons could take the series, but it won't be easy. I wouldn't be surprised if they were upset, though.
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» Sun Apr 20, 2008 9:10 pm
Western Conference
#1 L.A. Lakers v #8 Denver: Lakers in 4
#2 New Orleans v #7 Dallas: NO in 5
#3 San Antonio v #6 Phoenix: Spurs in 7
#4 Utah v #5 Houston: Utah in 5

Eastern Conference
#1 Boston v #8 Atlanta: Celtics in 4
#2 Detroit v #7 Philadelphia: Detroit in 6
#3 Orlando v #6 Toronto: Orlando in 6
#4 Cleveland v #5 Washington: Cleveland in 5

(I know it's a little late)

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» Sun Apr 20, 2008 9:23 pm
lakers over nuggets in 5
hornets over mavs in 5
suns over spurs in 7
jazz over rockets in 4

celtics over hawks in 4
sixers over pistons in 6
magic over raptors in 5
cavs over wizards in 6
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» Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:57 am
Spurs have again beaten the Suns to go up 2-0 and they may even win this series. Hornets look like dominating the Mavs. Magic up 2-0 on Raptors but looks very even. Jameer Nelson is having it too easy againt Raptors PGs.

Really thought Mavs and Suns would take one at least on their oppositions home court

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