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» Wed Oct 26, 2005 6:28 am
So now that the preseason is coming to its end, it's about time we make our predictions for the upcoming season. I'll start:

MVP: Wade.
DPY: Mike Bibby (j/k), no, it'll be Ben Wallace.
ROY: Deron Williams / Chris Paul (they will share it, Paul will have better numbers and Williams more wins).
MIP: Tyson Chandler.
6th: Finley.

Atlantic division: Philly
Central division: Indiana
Southeast division: Miami
Southwest division: San Antonio
Northwest division: Denver
Pacific division: Phoenix

Other playoffs teams: (in no specific order)

East: New Jersey, New York, Washington, Cleveland, Detroit.
West: Golden State, Dallas, Houston, Sacramento, Seattle.

Eastern Finals: Miami over Indiana.
Western Finals: San Antonio over Phoenix.

NBA Finals: Miami over San Antonio.
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» Wed Oct 26, 2005 6:59 am
My predictions:

MVP - Dwayne Wade
Defensive Player of Year - Andrei Kirilenko
ROY - Deron Williams
Most Improved - Sebastian Telfair
6th Man - Michael Finley
Leading Scorer - LeBron James (29.0)
Leading Rebounder - Kevin Garnett (12.9)
Leading Assists - Steve Nash (9.7)
Leading Blocks - Andrei Kirilenko (3.3)
Leading Steals - Dwayne Wade (2.4)
Leading FG% - Amare Stoudamire (58.8%)
Leading FT% - Steve Nash (91.0%)
Leading 3FG% - Damon Jones (45.8%)


South West Division: San Antonio Spurs
North West Division: Denver Nuggets
Pacific division: Golden State Warriors


Southeast division: Miami Heat
Central division: Detroit Pistons
Atlantic division: Boston Celtics


Western Conference

1. Spurs
2. Nuggets
3. Warriors
4. Rockets
5. Mavs
6. Suns
7. TWolves
8. Jazz

Eastern Conference

1. Heat
2. Pistons
3. Celtics
4. Cavs
5. Pacers
6. Nets
7. 76ers
8. Wizards

NBA FINALS: Heat v Spurs

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» Wed Oct 26, 2005 8:04 am
MVP: LeBron James
DPY: Ron Artest
ROY: Raymond Felton
6TH: Mickael Pietrus
MIP: Dwight Howard (20/10/2 with 58% FG)

I think it's too early to call the playoffs, so here's my predicted NBA Teams:


C: Yao Ming
F: Kevin Garnett
F: LeBron James
G: Dwayne Wade
G: Steve Nash


C: Shaquille O'Neal
F: Tim Duncan
F: Dirk Nowitski
G: Kobe Bryant
G: Baron Davis


C: Ben Wallace
F: Elton Brand
F: Andrie Kirilenko
G: Ray Allen
G: Mike Bibby


C: Ben Wallace
F: Andrei Kirilenko
F: Ron Artest
G: Kobe Bryant
G: Gilbert Arenas


C: Shaquille O'Neal
F: Emeka Okafor
F: Shawn Marion
G: Larry Hughes
G: Baron Davis
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» Wed Oct 26, 2005 8:34 am
Player32 wrote:I think it's too early to call the playoffs

Yeah, an injury or a lot of other factors can make or break a team's season, but these are just predictions, it's just our point of view right now.

I'd forgotten about the 6th man. Now it's fixed.

I also think Artest should be the DPY, but he won't get enough love in the voting.
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» Wed Oct 26, 2005 10:20 am
You never know... if he keeps it together this season, people might just say the kid's grown up and he might get a cookie for it. God knows he's the best defensive player in the league, all around. If the NBA see's he's made a major turn around, it's possible.

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