Baron wins West Player of the Week.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 3:30 pm
Nice reward for Barons play over the last week..............though perhaps they didnt take last nights game into account?

Also, saw a quote from the chronicle...............

SFC wrote:A: Davis says he's not tired. But if he was, I'm probably not the guy he would tell.

One thing is sure: Nelson knows he's riding his lead horse too hard, but it's not like the Warriors have a playoff spot clinched. On Monday, Davis played a team-high 39 minutes, 35 seconds. He plays with at least three injured body parts bandaged.

It would be nice for Davis if he were selected for the All-Star Game, but I'm guessing Nelson and the fellahs would rather see Davis spend the All-Star break cryogenically frozen, or at least in a hammock.

Hmmmm............we shall see............cryogenically frozen would be my choice! :mrgreen:
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 9:06 am
Seen it.

Well deserved. Some would say pastdue. He's obviously making a push for the all-star team. Like Fitzgerald says, its an offensive toss-up between Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Tony Parker, Steve Nash, and Baron Davis... but none of those guys, save for maybe Paul, can hold a candle to Baron's game on defense.
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 11:28 pm
Well for what he did last week, how can you not?

vs Indy he went 27pts, 7rebs, 6 assists.
vs Minny he had 22pts, 9 assists.
@ Indy he had 24pts, 6rebs, 7assists, 7 steals.
@ Chicago he had 40 points.
@ Milwaukee he had 19 points, 8 assists.

Now if those numbers aren't enough, then they're smoking.
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