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Who will Win The DIV Champs...

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» Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:49 pm
Hi guys...nothing to do so i try to make this thread for FUN...
Who do u think will crowned as a Division Championships.

Western Conf


PG Steve Nash (Baron,Bibby)
SG Kobe (Monta,Kevin Martin,Bell,Barbosa)
SF S-Jax (Artest,Grant Hill)
PF Matrix (Elton Brand,AL,Odom)
C Amare (Biedrins,Kaman,Bynum)

Northwest Div

PG Iverson (Deron William)
SG B.Roy (Durant,Brewer)
SF Melo (Kirilenko,wilkins)
PF Boozer (Lamarcus Aldridge,Wilcox,K-mart,Okur)
C Camby (AL jefferson,Boozer)

Southwest Div.

PG C.Paul (T.parker,terry)
SG Manu (Josh Howard,Rudy Gay, peja,miller)
SF T-Mac (Josh Howard,Peja,Miller)
PF Dirk/Duncan (D.West)
C Yao (Tyson Chandler, Tim Duncan,Pau Gasol)

East Conf.

Atlantic Div

PG Kidd (TJ Ford,Andre Miller,Rajoh Rondo)
SG Iguodala (Ray Allen,A.parker,R.jefferson,Jamal Crawford)
SF Pierce/Vince (Kapono)
PF KG (Bargnani,Zach Randolph,D.Lee)
C Bosh (Perkins,Dalembert,Curry)

Central Div

PG Billups (Tinsley,Hinrich,Mo William)
SG Redd (Ben Gordon,Rip Hamilton)
SF King James (Granger,Tayshaun P.,Luol deng)
PF J.O'neal (Nocioni,Gooden,Rasheed W.)
C Bogut (Ben Wallace,Maxiell,Z ilgauskas)

Southeast Div

PG G.Arena (Joe johnson,J.Nelson,Ray felton,J.william)
SG D.Wade (J-Rich,M.William,Caron Butler)
SF R.Lewis/G wallace (Ricky Davis,Caron Butler)
PF Josh Smith (Antawn Jamison,U haslem,Hedo T)
C Dwight Howard (Emeka okafor,Shaq,Haywood)'s really hard to decide who will win the Division Championships...

if u ask me, i will support Pacific Division coz we have pretty solid team in all position maybe SF a little bit soft...But i think Pacific is really Hard Division to beat. :wink:
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» Tue Jan 01, 2008 11:03 pm
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Nice thread William, very interesting and entertaining.

Hard to pick a best team out of that star bunch but I'll say -

Southwest Div.

PG C.Paul (T.parker,terry)
SG Manu (Josh Howard,Rudy Gay, peja,miller)
SF T-Mac (Josh Howard,Peja,Miller)
PF Dirk/Duncan (D.West)
C Yao (Tyson Chandler, Tim Duncan,Pau Gasol)

Every position covered by stars and great depth with stars as well
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» Wed Jan 02, 2008 12:56 am
Nice thread. Very tough to choose. I'd give the upperhand to the southeast division, southwest division, and pacific division. But overall I'd take the pacific. The southwest is right behind them, though.

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» Wed Jan 02, 2008 1:51 am
i think its a toss up btwn the pacific and southeast divisions also. id have to give it to the southeast tho just for the simple fact that their depth is way too good. i dunno about marvin williams at SG put ricky davis there and keep williams off all together.

nice thread GSW_united....probably the most interesting ive seen started in a couple weeks
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» Wed Jan 02, 2008 3:14 am
To me, it's pretty clear that the southwest would win, and pretty easily, actually.

I might be deluding myself, but I can't see how any other team can beat this one:

PG.- Paul
SG.- T-Mac
SF.- Josh Howard
PF.- Duncan
C.- Yao

With players like Dirk, David West, Gasol, Ginobili, Parker or Tyson Chandler coming from the bench.

I don't see a team as powerful inside as this one. Add to that they have one of the top individual players of the league in T-Mac, one of the top 3 PGs in Chris Paul and a deep bench and I can't see anybody stopping this team.

btw, nice thread, William. Very... Pest-like. :wink:
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» Wed Jan 02, 2008 3:20 am
TMC wrote:btw, nice thread, William. Very... Pest-like. :wink:

How rude, calling someone a Pest :mrgreen:
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» Wed Jan 02, 2008 2:41 pm
Hmmm....Southwest is strong and i admit it.
But, one thing is they have matchup problem with Pacific division.
Look at the roster...

If u put C.Paul then Pacific will put baron on Paul...Baron is more stronger and post paul all day long.
Dirk have problem with S-jax and Yao always can't stand AL harrington.

Tim duncan is an even match up with Amare so i called it tie.

If they play i would say Pacific will win the game.But, of coz this is just can't be come true... :mrgreen:

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