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Will you buy COD Black Ops?

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Fuuck no! Activision/Treyarch are insulting our intelligence!
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Probably, because my friends most likely will...
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Hell yeah! It looks sweet! And I'm a total tool!

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» Tue May 18, 2010 7:06 pm
So the release date is set for November, but I wont be buying this shameless regurgitation of yet another Infinityward masterpiece. Treyarch cannot feel good about being the faceless corporation known as Activision's bitches and agreeing to continue their pathetic existence in the shadows and on the coattails of IW! They really expect me to pay $65 for a new single player campaign (that wont be nearly as good as MW2's), new maps, new guns and some horrible implemented gimmicks like the tanks in WaW, but still the same game?

And only a year after the release of MW2!?! They aren't even trying to hide the fact that they are cheating consumers. This means that there likely wont be more than one more map pack (the first pack was a ripoff anyways) and if we want to continue to play with much of our friends we need to either A) buy the game and hope they buy it to, or B) talk our friends into not buying the game. BULLSHIT!

Well I wont be buying it to play online on my PS3, but I will be downloading it on my inferior xbox 360 (but wont play online).

lol watch me eat my words and the game is good...

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