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» Wed May 05, 2010 8:36 pm
Mr. Crackerz wrote:
xbay wrote:
migya wrote:
xbay wrote:
Mr. Crackerz wrote:BREAKING NEWS (for me): Comcast has just taken away television being aired on all my TV's not with a box (SO 4 out of my 5 TV's no longer have TV). Below, is the message that is found on all my TV's (some bullshit)"

"If you see this message, the TV you're watching isn't yet ready for comcast digital cable enhancements. If you are a residential customer, go to to order your equiptment."

Anyone else have this on their screen?

Looks like I changed in the nick of time. I only had channels 2-33 without the box. I guess they made it official that you MUST get a box to watch tv... even if it's the small boxes not for HD, but just for regular tv.

Research about digital TV and you'll find some interestin facts.

Something that many countries are enforcing digital tv and phasing out analogue tv over the next year or so

Well, I don't have to worry about it, but I'm not surprised. They've been looking to change to 100% digital broadcasting and putting analogue in the past.

but i DO have digital tv... just now comcast is requiring "digital enhancements" so it requires everyone to have a box. before, you were able to use a digital cable (thus, the reason its called cable in the first place) but these guys just want to flex their monopoly power)

That's exactly what it is crackerz, I have an digital HDTV too, but it's the signal they are sending out that is changing. Basically, IMO, they are restricting you in order for you to upgrade to get all the good stuff.

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