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» Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:33 pm
first off wrote:get money. get bitches. repeat... lol

yeah those two were really married... Salman be spitting mad game son!

Thanks for the advice, I guess another reason why is that I'm applying to dental school and I'd like to boost my resume.

I happened to do really really bad in my C++ programing class as an undergrad and since it was the only computer class I took, and I have nothing else on my resume, it looks like I don't know shiit about computers. I'd like to do something besides an intro to computers course, and webmaster stuff seems cool.

I'm really not looking to progress into anything beyond entry-level (or even "sub-entry-level")

I wouldn't waste my time with a computer literacy class either, but maybe what you need is to take a into to programming class or something so you can get the basics/concepts of programming down. A specific class like C++ or Visual Basic will pretty much only teach you the design environment and syntax (language), they usually just throw you into it, teaching you "how" without really explaining "why".

C++ isn't all that relevant to being a webmaster, it is a similar language to javascript as they are both object oriented and use a lot of similar syntax and concepts, but it isn't used in that field. I would check out the lynda.com tutorials even if your are just "kinda" interested because you can make up your mind at any point if it just isn't for you. I would go in this order though:

1. Get a good HTML/web page editor - I like dreamweaver the best but if your not that into pirating software and don't have the $300-$500 for it then a more simple and free program like komodo edit will work.

2. Learn HTML - it's easy and can be pretty fun. Should only take a couple of days to pickup (if that).

3. Learn CSS - This isn't really required to be a webmaster I guess, more for a developer/designer. It's a little harder than HTML but once you get the basics you'll be fine. Should only take a day or so to learn the basics.

4. Learn Javascript - This will be harder and take more time to master, but given that you already have a C++ background then much of it should be familiar. Most web designers just copy and paste code they find on the www but it's good to know what your looking at to debug and modify.

5. Learn .php/mysql (database) - This will be the most important language to learn in order to become a serverside programer, but it is actually really easy once you get the basics down - all it is HTML and a little Javascript combined.

6. Learn to turn a computer into a server lynda.com and most tutorials will teach you this when learning about .php and mysql.

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