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» Tue Jun 23, 2009 12:13 am
p4wn06124ff171 wrote:
bigstrads wrote:LMAO! has replied to this. Image

Actually Bigs, im glad i made the thread and encourage others to post there details.. it's a great little board we have here and ive made some super cool friends so far.

I've had GSW United add me on MSN and (suprise, Suprise) SFSFSFGiants added me on fbook.

bigstrads wrote:
Ps: Im still not giving Pawno my facebook name though! :evil: :mrgreen:

Don't need your name though dude... i could probably dig up a last name somewhere in this forum "James" something...

But for someone who's suppose to be MVP of the board, kind of take offense to ya not showing us lower folks any fbook love :(

Ah no worries BIGS... everyone knows that I USE FACEBOOK to try and seduce young 18+ girls straight out of high school and stepping up to the big bad world of College and University :) Never really been into Hairy Englishmen that enjoy there cigarettes and coffee :mrgreen: (but am willing to experiment) :shock:


Ahh I was only kidding bud..............I just thought it was funny/weird how wed had loads of threads regarding myspace and facebook, and chats/name reveals in the random babble thread but no-one had posted in this one yet.

So atleast now we have. :wink:

If you have a look in the random babble thread, I revealed my name in there a couple of weeks ago.............and actually got a facebook email from sfsfsfgiants from it, it was an interesting read I can tell you.

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