Anyone running the Presidio 10 or Bay to Breakers 10k?

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» Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:49 pm
I ran both 10 k runs last year for the first time and it's something i plan to do every year now... eventually getting in enough shape to do a 26 mile marathon.

I was just wondering if any of you have ever ran in the past or ever would think about running this year or in the near future.

Presidio 10 is really an amazing run... you start by the presidio in san francisco... work your way up to the golden gate bridge, run across the golden gate and back and make your way back to the presidio.

As for bay to breakers that in itself it is osmething i suggest everyone to try once in their life... but i hear now that from this point on it will be more strict, less floats, drinking, and nudity.

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