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» Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:01 pm
In light of recent events, there will be no action taken against any member regarding all issues. All four of us have decided no ban or suspension is worth it. Banning is a last resort, and we will not apply that action at this time.

Sometimes, the best way to look at yourself is through another person.

All of you, not just the ones involved, but EACH AND EVERY ONE of you need to man up and act like adults here. We don't believe any banning is in order. You all just need to be put in your place. The thing that upsets us the most is that we're sacrificing our time on this board to keep make sure nothing wrong goes about, rules are being followed with certain exceptions, and trolls are being banned before they can even wreck havoc.

We're not getting paid. Hobbes, TMC, Bada, and myself. It's completely annoying to babysit and listen to everyone's problems. We're not psychiatrists, we were just appointed the role that we currently hold. Don't get us wrong, we don't mind doing what we do here and we love and enjoy this board, but you guys are expecting too much from us. We're playing Nanny to everyone here, and it's not fun and it's not our job. We all know the consequences of taking upon this job, but it doesn't mean we should have to deal with it. And it's just frustrating for us to be knocked around by people for supposedly, "not doing our job."

And all this whole, "I'm a better fan than you" is BS. So what? I don't care that I have more advantages than overseas fans. The fact that these guys live overseas in foreign countries and still are willing to download Warrior games and even pay attention to this team shows that they're just as much of a fan as any one of us who live in the US. The team is having a terrible season, so why are overseas fans even paying attention to this team? Shouldn't they worry about their own homeland sports or other, more successful NBA teams? Well, apparently... they don't. They pay attention to this team despite all the wrong with the team and organization. And to me, that's enough for them to be just as good as a Warrior fan than ANYONE ELSE.

Honestly, I believe the four of us are the most neutral members of this forum. We're extremely passive on many things, and when something like this escalates to this level... it's upsetting to see because we all know this is not what we signed up for. I understand, we should be flexible, but EVERYONE else needs to know that we're not going to play babysitter. If you **** up, that's on you. If any of you do not agree with our final decision, then unfortunately for you, that's something you'll have to deal with. If you choose to leave because of this, then the door is right there for you. We are not kicking you out. You choosing to depart is your ultimatum. No one is forcing you. If you leave, we will gladly welcome you back with open arms. But if you choose to leave for good, we'd like to thank you for your services to this forum and it's extremely unfortunate that you won't be staying.

Thank you for reading and we're hoping you will continue posting here.


The Message Board Team

Hobbes, administrator
Bada, moderator
TMC, moderator
xbay, moderator
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» Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:49 pm
Why does all the bullshit bickering go on in this Warriors Forum (i'm only guessing it's this forum, cause i seen no bullshit going on elsewhere) ...

I wish all the children on this board could act more like grown ups like me and my other compadres who post in the off topic and sports forum.
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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:06 am
Just to be clear, is this a response to any specific incident we should be aware of, or just general pissy behavior on the part of many members?
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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:16 am
All recent incidents and just in general. No one is being left out. This is for everyone in the forum.
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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:55 am
well said X
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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:28 am
xbay wrote:All recent incidents and just in general. No one is being left out. This is for everyone in the forum.


Cause its not like you specifically singled-out anyone. It's not like you're blatantly siding with the overseas crowd or calling out "those who want to leave". You're just referring to evvvverybody, huh? :roll:

That announcement was clearly aimed at me and no one else.

NO ONE was beefing with overseas members besides me. NO ONE was saying they'd leave besides me. And to top it off, there was zero mention of sexist remarks or inappropriate comments because, god forbid, a harmless BS debate over credibility that I put an end to after a single day should take precident over a brush-off, non-issue like blatant sexism. Way to put that acclaimed moral compass to use, you 4.

Nice handle on the situation, by the way. Way to attempt to "put me in my place". :roll: Wow. An online lecture. Real effective. ::lol:

Anyways, thanks for singling me out. And thanks for totally responding to the situation like I predicted. I knew no one would get punished. I knew no one would get repremanded. The mods here are spineless and that post did nothing but confirm that. "Passive" is a glass half full way of saying "weak" in this situation. Regardless, this is a clear cut sign of how this place has gone completely into the ground. You wanna act like big, tough mods and anonymously clown on me because migya's judge-in-the-pocket is swaying the discussion (thats being kept secret for a reason). Go ahead. Act hard because you can lock threads and delete spam. Cool with me. colt was right. This place isn't worth it anymore. Enjoy arguing with the crowd you've shaped to be here. You officially got one less member to worry about. And, yes, I fully understand that you'll probably delete this message.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. :scratch: I coulda swore this was a sports forum when I first got here. Opened to debate, encouraged to back up your points, and not piss-your-pants scared of anybody disagreeing. But apparently I was wrong. This is a sewing circle where sissy ass pansies all talk about their feelings and try to keep everything overly PC.

Peace to the unfortunate minority.

(Now cue all the parting shots. And don't discriminate. Go ahead, mods. Set the example, as you always have. 32's giving you one final thread that'll go for pages and pages. Oh wait. You're probably gonna lock it after a couple responses. Pussies. :roll:)

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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:37 am
32 you had better not leave... But if you do, best of luck to you man. You'll be missed.
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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:59 am
I've restrained myself from getting into a verbal abuse battle with this loser so the only thing left to say is

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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:31 am
Superb post Xbay.

By far, one of the most open, honest, from the heart (or the balls) statements I have ever read on here.

So, having missed most of the recent garbage arguments.............I cant say Im up to speed on whats caused all this but for you/you guys to come out and say this, it must be serious.

This "over seas fan" thing last night..............well, I presume that 32 didnt mean me for starters, given that he said things like "un-informed"..........or fans like me who watch nearly every game and dedicate probably a hell of alot more time and money to following this team, than most fans based in the Bay I wont even bother responding to that.

If he meant the old "Blind Patriot" lot, the guys who follow their countrymen and think/post that they are the best players on our team, then I agree with with what he said..............but I havnt seen a post like that in ages, so he must mean 1 or more of the big foriegn 5 (me, TMC, migya, Quazza, Martin)

All I can say is..............f*ck me this place has changed again. I had abit of a rant the other day with my thoughts on why/how/what has happened...............I seriously look at this board now, for the last few months and see 3 groups of people (hence my not being here very much, after having NEVER LEAVING here for a year and a half) =

1 - The Holyer Than Thou Crew. -

2 - The Oblivious And Contributing To The Downfall, Noob Crew.

3 - The Fed Up And Sick Of It All, Old Guard Crew.

We have a VERY bad mix of people at the moment..............and the worst part about that is that the equalizers are becoming more and more distant. Someone like TMC would always be able to come in and diffuse a situation with a simple joke or comment but now it doesnt happen that often as HE is fed up of all the crap here.

All in all, I dont know what its going to take to change this place guys know Im always up on who should be here and who shouldnt be and I dont think anyone should be banned, simply because nothing bad has been said in the true sense of comparison to other members being banned. So that shouldnt even be a discussion.

All I know is that not having people like TMC, Bada, JOEL (WTF?) Speak (WTF?) and hopefully you guys may add me in here, constantly posting everywhere, diffusing threads and making this place generally more hurting it alot (and dont any of you take any blame you idiots :wink:)

Just one thing to think about moving forwards..............every one of you try and do this and realise what the result of this means..............think of either the most fun/enjoyment you got out of this place in a single moment or thread, it could even be a long period of time where you and a bunch of guys just had some great laughs/ think of where it was and who was Im betting that A: It wasnt in the Warriors Basketball forum and B: Atleast half of those involved who contributed to your fun are either not here or dont post much anymore.
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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:50 am
Thanks Xbay. spot on! :D

Clearly there are some old resentments, that I don't know the history of, that are playing out. I didn't pick up on 32 being singled out by the mods statement which tells me that I don't see the whole picture. Obviously, he is offended because his behavior/wording is so emotional.

IMHO, all the bickering is what discourages quality posters or potential quality posters from posting and leads to low quality posts.
Simply, the negativity attracts negativity. like moths.

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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:45 pm
i'm not sure why anyone would argue that one person's opinion means more than another persons simply based on where they live. that seems pretty dumb to me.

if anything, you guys from outside the bay area (and the US) get the biggest props from me just for being such loyal fans.

i'm a forum admin for a completely unrelated forum, and I agree that banning anyone is real last resort, or should be saved for spammers.

anyways, i'm new. and i'm not going to get sucked into any stupid personal arguments about whether or not someone has a valid opinion or knows what they are talking about. i dig the warriors and will gladly discuss warriors with anyone, regardless of where they live. and the petty squabbling, although it probably won't go away, will go right by me.

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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 4:20 pm
MODS... heres what you guys need to do. Go make another thread an an annoucement. Make it a pledge thread. Write up a set of rules or codes or whatever that address the no-no's on the forum. make everyone to go read it and sign it like a contract. I got some ideas that should be in there, but i will let u guys handle it.

I think its so ironic people who read what xbay has to say, glorified and praised it, and continued their name calling ways. Thats BS. I know everyone is mad at 32, but name-calling back is equally as bad as what he was doing. 2 wrongs dont make a right. This board has a tendency to accepts everyone's name calling and negative antics, as long as X person isnt doing it (and now this person is 32). Its unfair and unequal criticism. Its pathetic and wrong. You guys arent little kids anymore.

I say to do a pledge, and if u break the pledge, u lose the respect of all the individuals out there. The contract is this pledge. A set of rules (or laws) so we have a more orderly environment. This is a community. And if this community continues to be this way (this extremely distractable), we will see many long time members quit this board for good, including myself.
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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 4:48 pm
You think I'm singling you out, 32? Or are you just saying that because we didn't ban migya? I'm not siding with the overseas fans. You say that because of the tone of my post? How it seems like it's pointing towards you? It's not. It's towards everyone. Believe me, I don't like how those guys post at times too, but I'm not going to call them out.

You tell them how it is, you tell the them the truth. It's just once you're done doing that, you still have to include sometime that will light a fire. You want to voice your opinion on a topic, that's fine. But you don't need to call out anyone. And minority? While the quality posters are outnumbered by the number of overseas fans, you make them seem like they're the minority since they don't know as much as you do.

If you leave, that's fine. We're not kicking you out. It's your choice. And just know, this post was not just me. Hobbes, TMC, and Bada as well agreed to this. If you don't like how this situation is being handled, that's too bad because our final decision has been made.
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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:27 pm
I don't want to make this thread any uglier than it already is so I will keep this short.

All 4 of us mods stand behind the announcement.

This was not directed solely at 32, or solely his complaints. The announcement was directed at the entire board, and in response to multiple complaints received from multiple posters in the last several weeks. Some of them threatened to leave if they didn't get their way, others did not.

32, your "mod-in-a-pocket" comment is highly inaccurate.

This announcement was posted after WEEKS of discussion and not done lightly. None of us are happy with the current state of the board.

If anyone feels they must leave or no longer wish to be here, that is their decision. I am truly sorry you feel that way. We are all running this board as volunteers, none of us get paid, (the ads you see cover roughly 1/2 of my bills, the rest comes from my pocket). We are doing the best we can. With as many members as we have now, we're not going to be able to make everyone happy, it's just not possible, everyone is different. We learn from the past and do the best we can going forward to make this an enjoyable place.
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» Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:39 pm
like i said in another thread, I just don't think the site is that bad? That said, I acknowledge I'm not a mod so have no idea how many complaints they've received(not something I've ever even considered tbh, i mean, sht, it's an internet forum). Yes, some old posters aren't here, but there's some great new posters as well.

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