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» Thu Nov 27, 2008 4:51 pm
TMC wrote:
RobDIKUM wrote:Cap, don't worry bout how long it takes in school, took me 8 years, it's all good.

Yep. You'll end up working on any other thing, anyways. That's what happened to me. 7 years in college to work on something totally unrelated. :wink:

RobDIKUM wrote:Thank you to all the great contributors in this Goldenstwarriors community.

Yep. You're the ones that make this place what it is, guys. Thanks for being there.

RobDIKUM wrote:Oh and i'm thankful that i didn't over celebrate my BDAY yesterday, cuz i would hate to be hung over and super sick on this day!

I don't know if I agree with this. Is it even possible to over celebrate a bday?

Anyways, happy bday, Rob.

you can overcelebrate to the point where you are so hung over that you don't want to eat, and that'd be terrible on thanksgiving. so much good stuff and you don't want to be queasy!

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