Favorite Bar/Pub or Club (Strip included)

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My favorite bar since I was a late teen has been Yancy's on 734 Irving, SF. They never used to card and I feel in love with the place over time. Not the typical bar decor with the odd seats and live plants hanging everywhere. Darts/dice available and live music on Fridays. Even though the place isn't that big in terms of sq. ft, there always seems to be enough room. In addition, I've never encountered a drunken thug there. Atmosphere is very friendly.

Strip club is easy. Cheetah's in Vegas. Two friends and I rolled in at 3 am on a Thursday with $200 apiece. We got treated like kings. The girls were definitely not used to having any kind of money thrown at them at the time/day of week.
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Definitely this place called Old Chicago - more than 30 beers on tap and great food.
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