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» Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:31 pm
aright...i dunno if you guys/ladies watch the show or if you care...but i just had to let this out...

My take on this week's episode. First, i was pissed to see that Status Quo was saved over BOTH the JabbaWockeez and Kabba Modern. has nothing to do with race...i could care less what race they are. I will elaborate more on that later.

Kabba Modern, in my opinion, has been the second best DANCE crew in the whole competition. they have definitely shown that they can DANCE and their choreography and intricacy is just ****ing phenominal. the detail that they put into their choreography, though may seem so small, is actually a big part of their routines and wouldn't be the same without it. that is their style, that is what they are known for, that is what they have trademarked. that said, i honestly think they should have come in second overall. given the circumstances, the fact that Status Quo was saved, i feel it was only fitting that Kabba Modern left tonight.

JabbaWockeez. What can i say? the best DANCE crew in the whole competition....HANDS DOWN. i know shane said that Break Sk8 was the most versatile crew on the show, but guess what? HE WAS WRONG. the JabbaWockeez are BY FAR, the MOST versatile DANCE crew on the show. they were able to take each and every challenge and kill it each and every week. each and every week i grew more and more impressed with this crew and failed to cease that pattern this week. their evolution routine was BEYOND killin it. again, the best crew in the whole competition.

Status, im sure you have probably noticed that i have strong feelings with this show by now and have shown that in this post by all the capped words. one word you might have noticed that is always capped in this post is the word DANCE. this is what gets me.

Status Quo IS NOT A DANCE CREW! they are a STUNT crew! if the show was called America's Best Stunt Crew, i would have given them the title after the first week and even more so after the 3rd week. but it is not...the show is called America's Best DANCE Crew. every week the judges are pointing out how they need to work on their choreography. if i'm not mistaken, choreography is pretty ****ing important when it comes to dancing. so they can flip and tumble and whatever and what not. big freaking deal. my nephews can do that. how about you show me that you can DANCE for once. Status Quo should have been eliminated when they F*ed up their Hammer routine. they lucked out and got soulja boy that next episode so the judges HAD to pick em. other than that soulja boy routine, i have not been impressed by them.

Vote for JabbaWockeez!

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» Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:51 pm
I'm biased cause I know 2 of the girls from Kaba
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» Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:21 am
Go JabbaWockeez!

Much respect to StatusQuo, but I've never really been impressed with them. They don't seem that good to me. They're decent at best, but I thought Kabba Modern was a much better dance crew.
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» Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:42 pm
I hate this show.
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» Sun Mar 23, 2008 10:04 pm
jabbawockeez is going to win....rainen the guy that headspins is dope one of the guys in my crew back in the days is in the same crew as rainen "rythum bugz" anyways go jabba!!!

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