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» Wed Mar 12, 2008 1:15 pm
JReed23 wrote:
JOEL wrote:ok bro we are wayfar apart....time to get backto my basic point...

its the culture not the individual.....i will not take responsability
for the culture.... i will do MY part in MY way.
all waste oil and kill the air in their own way im sure a smart guy like you ( so well spoken and all) dont need me ( an ill logical ass backward ) to example out the ways we all waste oil kill the air.

no need to get into an arguement it wont help...
it may help for you to feel my last point.
which is ...its the culture
i'll illistrate it like this....
you mentioned airlines ok ready here goes,
we should all stop supporting the warriors as their lack of reguard for oil and the air has illistrated; without remorse ,by them flying from city to city
for mere entertaiment .....
untill they buy a fleet of toyota prius's to drive from city to city
supporting them is supporting the things you are so strongley apposed to.

my point its the culture no one is willing to do what is Truely right...
I agree that society is much to blame, and there is no way around airliners - your sarcasm is heeded. And I accept your point, while the one I was trying to make was that those vehicles you own are, contrary to your original beliefs, not environmentally safe in the slightest way.

We should all make sacrifices, not for us, but for future generations and not be so nearsighted. If the people of this country would open their minds and decide to change the way we live, then maybe we could catch up with the rest of the world - we are the only invited nation to not ratify the Kyoto Protocol. - Thanks Bush, on behalf of the future generation whom may never be.

i agree my trucks are not the best for the enviorment...
when i consider my percieved needs and wants from a vehicle
the two i have meet them....they i think are still more freindly to the earth than the many other choices out there that would meet those needs.

thanks for your insights
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» Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:25 pm
look at the APTERA in Yahoo now....

Only need a full tank of gas can drove from east coast to west coast....+7,000 miles..holy crap..
this is the car that american people need to drive...
I am always agree for every moves that concern about helping environment...maybe W's management should reward people who take Bart to the Oracle Arena because they save gas and helping this world for environment.
Also, this world is over populations...more humans more needs and that's mean more cars and more gas....i am kind of sad for the future generation...what will happen to them because of our fault....

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