Best Outdoor basketball?

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» Mon Mar 26, 2007 12:42 pm
i've been shopping around trying to find a good outdoor bball but really can't make up my mind.

anyone got any suggestions? thanks
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» Mon Mar 26, 2007 5:02 pm
the nba microfiber ball.
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» Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:29 am
I've played with Spalding's and they tend to lose grip way too fast when playing outdoors. As indoor balls they are the best but as soon as you take it to the asphault it's over.

The ball I use now that is much better than any outdoor Spalding I've used it the Rawlings EDGE brand. I've had it for about 2 years now and it still has great bounce, great grip, and doesn't get lopsided. I can highly recommend it.
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» Fri Mar 30, 2007 11:53 am


I garauntee that you will not be disappointed with a Wilson basketball. It has great grip, even with aging. And no, I don't work for Wilson.
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» Fri Mar 30, 2007 2:04 pm
Outdoor... eh, I play most of the time in the gym when I play ball. I don't supply the ball if I play outdoors. Spalding or Wilson is fine.

Also Josh J.... weren't you known as Adonal's the Man before?
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» Fri Mar 30, 2007 2:49 pm
xbaywarrior wrote:Also Josh J.... weren't you known as Adonal's the Man before?

Yes I was! I would still have the name if my account didn't screw up. It won't let me login as "Adonal's The Man!" and it won't let me create a new account as "Adonal's The Man!" since it's already taken. Everytime I trying to login as "Adonal's The Man!" it would give me some kind of error message. Kind of weird, so just went for another screen name without trying to troubleshot.

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» Tue Jul 31, 2007 8:43 pm
i play mostly in the gym now... but back in the days, i used to play outdoors almost everyday... the ball that everyone liked using was the wilson ball you can buy at costco for like $14.99... im not even sure if they carry those still... but if you play indoors, the spalding tf-1000s are the best... i think thats the official high school basketball because thats what we used when i used to play and i still see them using it...

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