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» Fri Oct 20, 2006 12:29 pm
It's Halloween time, so let's talk about horror movies. Ahh my favorite :D ! What are your favorite horror & horror/sci-fi movies? Why?

This list is not in any order (as I think of more I will add then to this post):

1. All the Friday the 13th's, Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, Freddy v. Jason
Jason Vorhees is the best horror villian ever! Very unique kills! Kills differently almost every time. Has the most documented kills in horror movie history!

2. Nightmare on Elm St., The New Nightmare
I only care for the first and the last of the Freddy horror series. Both had very intriguing stories and some good, but not excessive gore

3. John Carpenter's The Thing
The best remake film ever! Great gore factor! If you love horror you have to see this. My favorite horror/sci-fi of all time! Great acting all the way around!

4. The Shining
No horror movie compares! Jack Nicholson should have won an academy award for the best psychopathic acting I have ever seen. Creepy to the bone and has wonderful background symbolism.

5. The Lost Boys
The best vampire horror movie of all time! Keifer Sutherland does a great acting job. One of my favorite movies as kid! Used to watch it every year for my sleepover birthday parties.

6. Evil Dead 2
The most hilarious horror movie ever! Bruce Campbell is top notch with the one liners. Has one of the best horror scenes ever... the "flying eyeball" scene! Evil Dead and The Army of Darkness are great too, but for me Evil Dead 2 is the best!

7. Child's Play
Never cared for any of the sequels. Loved the foul mouthed doll dialog. Chucky's a great horror villian!

8. Halloween, Halloween II
Both of these films should be put together into one long film! The perfect movies to watch during the Halloween season! Has many classic scenes. Never really cared for the films made after the first two.

9. Demonic Toys
The most underrated horror film ever made! Hilarious and scary! Never knew why this movie wasn't that popular. What's better then a bunch of toys coming to life and killing people!? A must see! Don't even try to watch the sequel... Horrible!

10. Demon Wind
Gruesome and creepy! Has the best "crazy, wise old man" that warns the main characters ever. This was the inspiration for the XXX Comedy Rap group RTM's "Scary Story" track. By far classic horror!

11. Return of the Living Dead
Great combination of zombies and characters. Hilarious content. The two main characters at the beginning of the movie are the best! The second one was good too, but don't go on any further!

12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
Just saw this in the theaters and loved it. Gore and creep factor 100%. Leatherface just moved up in my favorite horror movie villians list. All the Texas Chainsaw movies are good, but this one stands out for me!

13. Alien, Aliens
Great horror/sci-fi films! The ones that came out afterwards are good, but do not compare to the first two. I actually like Aliens better than Alien. Sigourney Weaver was the first bad ass horror movie chick! Aliens is my second favorite horror/sci-fi film.

14. Zombie
The best foreign horror film ever! Lucio Fulci is downright crazy with his gruesome affects and soundtracks. Never cared for the sequels.

15. John Carpenter's The Fog
Way better than the remake. The best soundtrack for a horror flick! For the love of God do not even attempt to watch the remake! Horrible film all together. Read The Pasta Mafia review of the remake under the movie database section and you'll see why it's horrible. www.pastamafia.com

16. The Blob
What a great remake. Nothing's better then having a whole town get taken over by a big slimmy blob that eats people. There are some great kills in this one. Recommended!

17. Maximum Overdrive
One of my favorite Stephen King based movies. All electronics get a mind of their own and start killing everyone! Wonderful! Great old school flick!
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» Fri Oct 20, 2006 12:40 pm
Josh Jamison wrote:It's Halloween time, so let's talk about horror movies! Ahh my favorite! What are your favorite horror & horror/sci-fi movies? Why?

Does Monty coming back count? :mrgreen:
» Fri Oct 20, 2006 1:09 pm
Oakland Raiders vs. Anybody This Year?
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» Fri Oct 20, 2006 1:26 pm
I've never been much of a horror film fan, but Lost Boys is a great movie. 8)
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» Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:48 pm
SoCooLBob wrote:Oakland Raiders vs. Anybody This Year?

Oakland Raiders vs anybody this year isn't scary...

but Oakland Raiders FANS vs anybody this year is bloody scary!

I mean would you like to meet this guy in a dark alley after his team has dropped 5 games in a row... tis guy would be scary even in a lit up alley in Denver, (John Elway wouldn't be taking this shortcut home)

The scariest thing to come out of the blackhole. AL DAVIS
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» Fri Oct 20, 2006 8:34 pm
im more of a "thriller" fan......

like the saw series.....those are good.....

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