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» Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:35 am
Dubs4life wrote:
The hype is enormous -right now he is averaging 14 points and 8 boards per game...sorry, not enough info to make even an informed guess...

But your right the hype is huge and his performance against the gators was far from stellar. I would have to take Oden over the playoffs though, we have waited 12 years 1 more wouldnt be that bad seeing as we would contend for it all with Oden.

So he is doing this with his non preffered hand? Impressive to say the least.

My point is that we have alot of young guys and they might not even be resigned but if they are, there would be no room to sign Oden when it is his turn to resign so it stuffs things up with contract extensions. We could be looking at a situation where guys like Monta, Diogu and even more guys leave because the team is setting up to resign Oden. Not a sort after situation for good reason!
I always look at teams that drafted a player that become a superstar and yet never managed to be that great. The TWolves with KG come to mind, as do the Raps with Carter, Celts with Pierce, 76ers with Iverson (a few playoffs and one finals appearance but a few years straight of no playoffs) and to a lesser extent (superstar status that is), The Grizz with Gasol, the Rockets with Yao (looking better but still disappointing up until now) and the Bucks when they had Allen.

There is always the risk of not being able to keep the good players around the star or, as usually happens, obtain good players to put around the star. The star can always leave for another team as has happened all to often

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» Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:59 am
This seemed like a cool thread when Pest started it not sure what happened but ill give it a go

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