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» Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:54 am
I thought I'd create this thread and hopefully get some good discussion going on the topic of trades that would improve the team from where it is.

The CBA lockout which seems inevitable will likely stall everything, but let's talk about what trades you'd make if you were in control of roster moves and comment, nicely whether positive or negative, on each other's ideas:

I believe none of our high paid players are real stars and/or main players in any championship caliber team. All three are really third options, Monta more like a second option on such a championship caliber team. I think all need to go in proper trades that fill needs.

1. GS trade with Atlanta - Monta, AB or Lee and DWright for JJohnson and Horford. Works salary wise.

GS does it to make a big change which brings a young and talented PF/C that plays both ends of the court. Stat wise, Lee does more than Horford with scoring and rebounding, though not much, but Horford plays real good defense, while Lee plays close to none. If Lee were to go, that'd make Horford the PF here and I think he slightly better suited there, though he is one of the nba's top Centers as it is. If it was AB that went, Horford would be the Center and with Lee, among the best rebounding PF, C duos. I'd still trade Lee in another trade, for a good Center, but that's how it would stand before he was to be traded. JJohnson is still very good, just not quite worth the money he gets. He would replace Monta and do almost as much, being a much bigger SG.

Atlanta does it to make a change to try to move up into the top 3 in the east finally. Monta is like a superstar this season and would give them offense and highlights that they don't have. He is also still very young and so is an asset that way as well. Lee, if it was him going there, would provide on offense and rebounding what Horford basically does. If it was AB, he'd give them a Center that is down right now, but has shown in the past that he defends pretty well and rebounds very well, as well as having quick hands and feet. DWright would give them a SF that could start and do what he's done here or be another 6th man type for them, like Crawford has been. They get more talented all up.

2. GS trade with Atlanta - Monta, Lee and DWright for JJohnson and JSmith. Works salary wise.

GS does it for the same reasons in trade #1, but JSmith is a SF/PF, Horford is a PF/C. JSmith replaces Lee and though he doesn't rebound as much, he scores as well and I think can get better, but he is a great defender at SF and PF.

Atlanta does it for same reasons as trade #1, but coupling Lee and Horford would give them a very good scoring and rebounding PF and C duo.

3. GS trade with New Orleans - Curry, Lee, CBell and Udoh or filler for Paul and West. Works salary wise.

GS does it to get a bit better PG. I just don't like the way Curry has dropped his assists, as he looked like being a real great distributing PG last season that would just get better. Instead, Monta gets more assists and Curry looks like he wants to score above all else. Paul is still the best PG there is to me, though many now think it is Deron. Paul is still young, though not as young as Curry. West would replace Lee and though he doesn't do much more than score quite well, I still think he is better defensively than Lee, though he is nothing special at that himself.

New Orleans does it to change things, as they are actually getting worse than when Paul first got there. Curry could be what Paul is just even score a bit more. Lee rebounds real well as well as score and next to Okafor maybe he'd flourish, not having to play defense with Okafor being good at that. I just don't think Udoh is anything that good really, but he looks like he plays big and so has value. He might become a good defender at least.

4. GS trade with Toronto - Curry, Lee and CBell for Calderon and Bargnani, maybe add DeRozan. Works salary wise.

GS does it to make the change and get rid of high salary Lee. Calderon has gone backwards from what he was a couple of seasons or so ago, but he is still a great distributor that is pass first over anything else. He can score quite well also, so he is more than a good PG that is capable of being the playmaker for a real great team. Bargnani will never play as big as he is, but he scores real well and stretches defenses with his outside shot. He doesn't rebound well for his size, but he can block some shots, at least has before. This is not the ideal trade to me, but definately could get done, even get them to throw in DeRozan, as it can be said that Curry has much more potential than Calderon.

Toronto does it to get better and they get more talent. Curry would be the most talented player they've had in quite a while and Lee the best rebounder they've had in a while as well. That team also needs to make alot of changes.

These are just trades I think can be done. Defense needs to be improved to say the least and that has to be the aim of roster changes
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» Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:00 am
I don't think this team is horrible, and I don't think it should be blown up. However I do agree some moves need to be made to make the playoffs.

I think a sign and trade for Oden... send our rookie over, maybe they would want AB.
Or send AB to Denver for Raymond Felton. Felton would be in his last year of his contract, freeing up space to sign curry in the future, and to extended Monta.
Also maybe getting a new FA. Then sign a Free Agent like Dalembert. Felton would be a good backup guard, and Dalembert could either start and Udoh come off the bench.
You would then need a SF coming off the bench. THere are lots of options for SF out there.
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» Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:10 pm
I dig the Josh Smith trade idea, but no way the Hawks will give up Joe Johnson or Horford. Not sure they'd want Ellis or Lee either. Their goal is to get Horford back to his natural PF position.

1. Stephen Curry and Andris Biedrins for Josh Smith works great. They take on Biedrins' contract but the Warriors pay for it with Curry. Curry, Johnson, Williams, Horford and Biedrins could be nice line up in the East.

2. With Denver under the cap, I'd offer up this year's lottery pick to see if they can pry Raymond Felton away. They're set on Lawson as their future PG, who is starting over Felton. It would be the lottery pick + a $5M trade exception. Felton is 27 years old and has been playing great before landing in Denver (17 points, 9 assists and 3.5 rebounds). This is looking to be a pretty weak draft after the first 7 picks and GS is set at 11, unless the ping pong balls bounce their way.

3. Send Monta Ellis and David Lee to the Sixers for Evan Turner, Mareese Speights, Elton Brand and their first round pick (17th). They want to get rid of Brand's contract and they do with this move, which is why they'd be willing to throw in their first round pick. They're in playoff contention and would improve dramatically with this trade. Holiday, Ellis, Iguodala, Lee and Hawes would be a great line up.

For the Warriors, they get more pieces to build around. Brand has only 2 years left so getting his big contract wouldn't be that bad if it means getting a nice young piece in Turner. The 17th pick could be a guy like John Leuer, a 6'10 PF from Wisconsin. At worst, he could be a Brian Scalabrine or a Matt Bonner type player, but he does have more talent than either one. Would be a nice guy to have off the bench to offer shooting and hustle.

4. Free agent target:

Greg Oden. I still think they could get this guy relatively cheap ($6-8M a year) if its a long term deal...say 5 years with a team option on the 4th. Would be a gamble, but if he comes back healthy and stays healthy, he could be a top 5 center in the league.

5. 2011-12 Line up:

PG Raymond Felton - Jeremy Lin
SG Evan Turner - Reggie Williams - Charlie Bell
SF Josh Smith - Dorell Wright
PF Elton Brand - Ekpe Udoh - John Leuer
C Greg Oden - Mareese Speights - Lou Amundson

If defense wins games, then this roster can do it. Smith and Oden are top defenders and Turner has shown to be a tough perimeter defender that can block shots as well. Felton is small, but bulky and pesky. Brand, as old as he is, is still a solid shot blocker. Rebounding becomes a strength as well. Smith, Brand and Oden could be a top rebounding front court and you throw Turner into that equation and you have something. The scoring will come from Felton, Turner and Brand in the low post with guys like Wright and Williams coming in and chipping in off the bench.

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