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» Mon Mar 07, 2011 5:06 am
trade Ellis & Biedrins to the Clips for Eric Gordon, Kaman, and Mo Williams


pg Curry / M Williams (6th man?)
sg E Gordon / R. Williams
sf D Wright / Al Thornton / Vlad
pf D Lee / Udoh / Adrien
c C Kaman & Udoh


pg Bledsoe
sg M. Ellis
sf Alminu?
pf B. Griffin
c D. Jordan

pros: get a SG back who scores almost 24 pts/gm & plays better D than Monta
get a C with a post gm
more team balance, scoring off the bench
Curry & Gordon played together on team USA

cons: Mo Williams 3yr contract, $9mil / yr for a bench player is steep
Kaman is injury prone
D.Lee & Kaman would have a hard time guarding opponents (no worse than Beans tho?)
Ellis is a better scorer and driver than Gordon

basically it's trading Beans bad contract for Mo's, getting a SG back who is able to score and improve D, and a C back who can post up -- if he stays healthy. Kaman would have an $11mil expiring contract next year that Warriors could probably trade if they needed to.

why Clips would do it:

- they have D. Jordan and Bledsoe at C and PG so they can afford to trade Kaman and Mo
- Monta's a better scorer than Gordon
- throw in a 2nd rounder if we need to

why W's would do it:

- get rid of Biedrins and get a backup PG and better C & post presence back
- improve perimeter D with hardly any drop off of scoring

your thoughts?
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» Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:50 am
Clips giving too much away, have to add a player like DWright to make them consider it. Maybe they still wouldn't do it, but might if it was Foye rather than Mo Williams, which I'd still be for as Foye has shown he is a very good scorer when given the time
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» Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:04 am
What about if it was Bledsoe instead of Mo?

Of course, I agree that we would have to throw in one more player in the deal, either way.
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» Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:25 pm
Guybrush wrote:What about if it was Bledsoe instead of Mo?

Of course, I agree that we would have to throw in one more player in the deal, either way.

Im really high on Gordon, but a lot of teams are... so I don't think it would be easy to get him.
The biggest thing I like about this is Kaman's expiring contract, but I doubt that Clipps want to take on what is remaining of Beandrins in what to them would basically be swapping SG.

Also I wouldn't let Monta go unless we got a solid Center... Kaman is not solid. At least not in my opinion. He did have a good season last year though.

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