Gerald Wallace to the Warriors (speculation)?

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November 07, 2008
A three-way?
Al Harrington to the Knicks, Eddy Curry to Charlotte and Gerald Wallace to Golden State?

It could happen, with an extra body or two thrown into the mix to balance out the salaries.

The Harrington-to-New York talk has been out there for weeks, since Donnie Walsh had him in Indiana and his contract expires after next season, perfect for the 2010 Summer of LeBron plan. But the Warriors don't want Curry and there's no doable salary match for Stephon Marbury (to fill in for Monta Ellis).

But the Bobcats could use Curry inside (they start Emeka Okafor at center and the undersized Jared Dudley at the 4) and, according to Pro Basketball News, appears ready to deal Wallace, a noted Knicks-killer who's the kind of athletic player Don Nelson (who's vowed that the disgruntled Harrington will be traded) likes.

Might happen. MIght not. For now, it's in the wind.


The Knicks are also officially naming Allan Houston to his player relations position today. He's been at practice, in gear, almost every day since his latest "retirement," so we'll stick with our speculation that it isn't beyond the realm of possibility that he could un-retire again in the right circumstance.

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» Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:11 pm
Wallace would be sick on the Warriors...

and yeah yeah, i know this should probably be in the trades forum...ill save u the trouble of telling me that

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» Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:22 pm
I guess im playing the role of Bigs today, but please guys, we have threads all over with this stuff saying this! I have nothing against you chrismullin17, but if u look at the trade section, and even the warriors, this discussion is being talked about!
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