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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 12:32 pm
32 wrote:
strakajagr wrote:MP is a stud. He has every right to want to be traded. He's watching his NBA career go up in smoke. It isn't his fault. He was banged up a little this year and he got sick. Because of the emergence of Monta, he finds himself without minutes at his natural position. Disliking someone who is competitive and wants to play is asinine. How old are all of you? 13?

Prolly a Miami HEAT fan whose stoked about the possibility of getting Pietrus.

You can have him, kid. Those of us that actually watch Golden State on the regular see him stepping out of bounds, traveling, going through huge cold streaks, committing dumb ticky-tack fouls (that usually give up And1 plays), and bitching about a lack of playing time and a role. If you want him that bad, we'll take a Gatorade and a draft pick for him. Seriously.

Id make EMPTY Gatorade bottle.............and yeah thats it..................come on! cant rob Miami of too much, this seems about equal value to me.

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