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» Fri Jan 18, 2008 1:23 pm
It maybe time for the Warriors to take a pick on who they want to re-sign. With Baron Davis, Ellis, Pietrus, and Biedrins all up for extensions, the chances are that they won't sign all of them. Davis is the only must to re-sign. Pietrus should be let go. Both Ellis and Biedrins will command a contract thats starts at $8,000,000 a year or something close whether its $7M or $9M. Biedrins has some good value out there and could be dealt for a potential rising star for a team looking for a center. Nellie is underutilizing AB right now, which doesn't make sense, but thats the case.

Here is a good trade for both teams involved. Bogut, a former #1 overall pick, is a smart center that would fit into Nellie's style of play much better than Biedrins. He's not as athletic, but he's able to post up and can guard the bigger centers in the league. A great passer from the post.

Send Biedrins, Ellis, and Wright to Milwaukee for Bogut and Yi Jianlian.

Milwaukee gets some nice young talent to rebuild with, especially if they choose to move Redd at some point before the trade deadline which has been rumored. With Yi being in a huge Asian market and community, it may not be imperative to start him and he could come off the bench for Nellie. This would also open the door for Belinelli to get more minutes. This will also allow them to concentrate on re-signing BD.

Bucks Line up:

PG Williams / Ivey
SG Ellis / Bell
SF Redd / Mason / Simmons
PF Wright / Ruffin
C Beidrins / Gadzuric

Warriors Line up:

PG Davis / Watson
SG Jackson / Belinelli
SF Azuibuike / Barnes
PF Harrington / Yi / Croshere
C Bogut / O'Bryant

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