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» Thu May 24, 2007 4:57 am
erndoogie46 wrote:
migya wrote:
xbaywarrior wrote:
migya wrote:That'd be the biggest robbery ever! No way that trade happens. As I said, Baron or JRich, Harrington and a future 1st rounder (in this draft perhaps), throw in O'bryant, would likely be enough

I'd put my money on Jrich leaving if they were in talks for him. They have Mike James... not great, but good enough for the time being. It'd be...


Quite a lineup. I hate the possibility of Jrich since of how well he's starting to mature defensively and the other aspects of his game offensively other than scoring, but we desperately need another body to help AB underneath.

You know, JRich is a very good player but it seems like right now all he has on Monta is a bit better three point shooting (he gets more) and rebounding, which is very important to the team right now. Monta is a better creator, passer and better defender, overall. If JRich were to go in the above trade I mentioned for KG, Garnett would cover the rebounding much better, Monta would start and give what he does and the team overall would be better. JRich is one of my favourite players but I understand how many think he is the one to be traded as Baron has been the catalyst for the turn around late this season, Monta has been unbelievable and rebounding and defense are major weaknesses of the team

I see where you are coming from. But from where I am standing, If we are going for KG, I would say trade Monta, Harrington, Foyle, and POB. Keep J. Rich as we would be shooting for a title immediately.

S. Jackson

Not too shabby of a starting line-up!

Welcome to the forum. Trading for KG might cost too much or not but I really think this current roster can go further than what they did. I'd rather Gasol than KG but both would cost a bit, Gasol likely a fair bit easier to get since he already said he wanted out. I want to keep Monta and Biedrins either way so getting either star big would be very hard

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