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» Thu Jan 11, 2007 4:20 am
#32 wrote:Ehhh... I dunno if I can agree with that. Gordon averages 14.0 shot attempts in 28 MPG, on his career. This season, Monta's taking 13.7 in 33 MPG.

Gordon's higher, but the difference isn't drastic enough to put them in different categories. Plus, you need to take into account that Monta throws away 3.6 turnovers a night (while Gordon throws away 2.4).

Also, keep in mind that Gordon is the main offensive option for the Bulls (when he's on court). It's only natural he has the biggest amount of shots per minute, as they only play him at SG. That's his job.

In Monta's case, he's second to Baron... and, still, their numbers are really close.

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