Teodosic best European player for 2010

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Here's the link:
http://www.fiba.com/pages/eng/fc/news/l ... wsid=45839

Teo was playing great during world championship, if the Turks didn't have advantage of the refs (because they were organizing the tournament) USA would most likely play Serbia. The guy is great guard, I just love to watch him play. I had a chance to watch him while he still played in Serbia.
And now, he played great for Olympiacos as well, and in all competitions he played he pretty much did awesome.

Just check who was his competition for European players, Pau Gasol being one of them, Dirk Nowitzki as well.

I don't know when he will declare for NBA draft (though I'm sure he will), but it would be great if we could draft him. Only then I could live with the idea of trading either Ellis or Curry for some big guy.

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