All-Shooting Team: Five guys with 'the touch' make the list

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» Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:35 pm
Nice to see Cury getting national attention:

Stephen Curry
Wait. After one measly season, he gets mention here? Yes. Curry could've played only half his rookie season (the second half, when he caught fire) and found himself on the starting five of the All-Shooter's team. That says a little about the pure shooting skills of the league, and plenty about Curry. He set a rookie record for 3-point sharpness (43.7 percent), connected on nearly 89 percent of his free throws and 46 percent from the floor. Surely, you see a 50-40-90 club membership in his future. Plus, the way he finished with a flurry, scoring 42 points in the season finale, surpassing 30 points six times, the most of all rookies, and shooting will serve him well in his career.

Already, it's evident that few players bring better shooting skills. And none have his future. Curry has Nash written all over him. Kid can shoot off the dribble, on the fly, from deep, from close. Leave him open at your peril. His form, like Allen's, is exactly the kind you'd use as an example in a Shooting 101 class. It's arms in, elbow up, ball high, extended release, exaggerated follow-through. It helped that he learned from daddy Dell, owner of a pretty shot back in his day.

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