Shackled:Stories Of Isiah Thomas,Otis Smith & Chris Mull

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» Thu Aug 09, 2007 10:56 am
Great article, broe! Thanks for sharing!

Chris Mullin has proven to me, this summer, that he's learned how to give out contracts as well as draft. Prior to this summer, Mully would hand out extensions like candy and strap mediocre guys with cash... seemingly, for fear that they would bolt via free agency.

Now that Mullin has players a plenty, he can afford to lose, say, a Matt Barnes... or he can afford not to sign, for instance, an Austin Croshere... and the results have spoken for themselves. After letting Barnes stew on the free agent market, Mullin signed him for a dirt cheap $3 million contract. Barnes, initially, was looking at $5-$7 million a year. And Mullin got him for half the price. Likewise, the Warriors needed to address a need at PF. They wanted rebounding. Enter Austin Croshere; admittedly mediocre, nothing special, but the kid can rebound at a 3.0 RPG clip in roughly 15 MPG. That's something we want. And Mullin got him for less than $800,000 a season... which is chump-change, in NBA dollars.

Mullin also signed Kelenna Azuibuke to a dirt-cheap multiyear deal that everyone was happy about. Clearly, Mullin has learned to divy out contracts. If this summer isn't proof enough, I don't know what it. Mullin's handed out a grand total of 5 contracts and none of them have been bad.
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» Thu Aug 09, 2007 4:04 pm
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migya wrote:Mullin will show how good he is with the level of contracts he gives to Monta and Biedrins. The team's ability to remain a playoff team will also be an indicator of Mullin's job

Actually, I think that, by trading J-Rich, he lost some leverage in contract negotiations with Monta. Now Monta's the man at SG, and will demand to get paid as such. It would have been different if Monta had been signed before the trade.

Actually, what trading JRich and starting Monta wil do is give Mullin a real indication of what Monta can do when given the full opportunity. Now Monta will have to show how good he is and thus how much money he should get paid

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That is a great point.

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Mullin's doing real well. He's spending his money wisely and not giving anyone an opportunity with money unless they prove it for more than a year. I think that's why Baron hasn't got his extension yet. He has to prove Mullin he can stay healthy for over 65-70 games.

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