debate not over: Maybe Dirk ISN'T the MVP

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who is the MVP?

Dirk, or course. Best player on the best team. Case closed.
Nash. No one makes his teammates better and he, unlike Dirk, is having a career year.
Kobe. Without him, the Lakers couldn't even pronounce playoffs.
Dunleavy. For being traded away!

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» Tue Apr 17, 2007 4:09 am
coltraning wrote:
migya wrote:
David Robinson's Spurs of 1994/95 had the best record that season at 62-20 and he got MVP. Malone's Jazz had the second best record that season with 64-18 to Jordan's Bulls 69-13. He had perhaps his best season ever that season and deserved MVP. The following season, both the Jazz and the Bulls had the league's best record but Jordan got MVP that time

I wasn't clear. I think Jordan and Olajuwon were clearly superior players those years, but you are right as to record. Interesting that Nash has had 2 monster games in a row to cement his case. Including an 18 assist no turnover gem most recently! I wonder if D'Antoni sits Nash on Tuesday against the Clips, since they will be coming off a back to back with Houston. I am guessing no, since it is the last home game of the season.

It may be one of the closest decisions in MVP history this season between Nowitzki and Nash

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