Boykins gone to Milwaukee

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» Sat Jan 13, 2007 3:08 am
migya wrote:
breezer_79 wrote:I dunno man....he's young, and we all know that big men can take a while to develop sometimes. As far as his offensive stats go, he just hasn't been given enough oportunities until now as the bucks have been a run and gun, high octance, guard oriented offence. With these injuries I'm sure he will score more, he's just got to slowly slip into that role is all. With Boykins now in the team I think it may help.

I actually think Bogut has to be the focal point of the offense more often. Villaneuva will make it harder for that to happen as well

Bogut better keeps playing like this. My fantasy teams rely heavily on him...

But now, back to real life, I must say I really like what Milwaukee is doing. Bogut will be a great center (I've got no doubt about it. It's not a matter of if, but when...), Villa will be a very good PF and they also have Redd, Bobby Simmons, Boykins, Gadzuric... They need to re-sign Mo Williams (and Charlie Bell) this offseason and find a good coach (Stotts is in the top 5 of inept coaches in the league). If they manage to do so, they can be a contender for the east in a couple of years.

btw, we are having lots injuries, but Milwaukee is in a worse shape than us. Only one starter (Bogut) has been free of injuries (relatively, as he had one at the beginning of the season). In fact, he's the only one that is not currently injured. Their 16-20 record is pretty impressive if you look at their injuries through the year (although it will get worse, with Redd out).
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» Sat Jan 13, 2007 4:45 am
The Warriors are really getting smashed by the injuries! Unbelievable what has and is happening

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