Have Warriors Joined OKC as Next Great West Hope?

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» Tue May 28, 2013 11:48 am
http://m.bleacherreport.com/articles/16 ... great-hope

I hate Bleacher Report. I'm using the word HATE here. It is the New York Post of sports sites; a townhall of morons vocalized with no background checks or other form of validating the content of the writers. It is a glorified message board, where fans like us parade around as if they're actual reporters. A hybrid of a forum and a blog. Lack of fact checking, zero journalistic fundamentalism, and a complete free reign to make wild, unfounded claims in an attempt to draw an audience. Diseased with "top 10" and "top 25" subjective lists that are not convincing or substantiated, and exist purely to draw "next page" clicks for the sake of bleeding ad revenue into the domain, Bleacher Report is the bottom barrel source for anything sports related and it's incredulous content is only topped by its homerisms touted by virtually every author who overvalues his local team akin to a soccer mom bitching about her son's lack of playing time.

And in true BR fashion, Simon Cherin-Gordon has submitted a hype essay designed to inflate the status of his favorite basketball team (he is a self-admitted "Die-hard Bay Area sports fan") in which he puts forth a cringe-worthy claim that the Golden State Warriors are the new Oklahoma City Thunder; otherwise known as the model franchise, built from the ground up, with the most talented and exciting players west of Miami, possessing an honor out of the Heat's reach based on them building through the draft and shrewd trades rather than a collusion of selfish players conspiring for personal gain. Likening a team to the Thunder is nothing short of likening a player to Kevin Durant. If you say it, you damn sure better be able to back it up.

Cherin-Gordon falls back on the excuse that most journalists are above: the injury bug; a problem no more personal than a game being rained out in the MLB. His argument hinging upon the health of Warriors' to a laughable extreme, suggesting that 80% of the Warriors' starting lineup was hurt, while completely ignoring the health woes of San Antonio players (such as Ginobli and Duncan). In the end, Cherin-Gordon heavily implies that a healthy Warriors team would be as dangerous as a healthy Thunder squad.

Discounting the lack of credibility this author possesses, does anybody agree? Do we have anybody here that honestly thinks, with all teams healthy, this team is the best roster in the West? Because, news flash: Duncan and Ginobli weren't 100% in round 2, and neither was Kenneth Faried in round 1 (along with arguably the Nuggets' best player, Gallinari, being out). As much as the Warriors faced health woes, their opponents did as well.

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